I took a week off of work and sent my child to daycare

3 years ago

I have a confession: I was on vacation from work this past week and sent mini-me to daycare every day but one. I'm that mom.


I have a number of what I feel are legitimate rationalizations for my decision, but they're just that, rationalizations.


The bottom line is that I couldn't get everything done I wanted and needed to do with mini-me home (I also have to pay for daycare regardless of if I send her or not but that's just one of my many rationalizations).








I dropped her off late and picked her up early, but I still sent her to daycare. While I was home. 


The reactions I got when I told people about this were varied. I got some blank stares, some judgmental eyes (or was that my own mom-guilt at play?) and even some "good for you's". I also caught myself explaining my decision every. single. time. 


I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped but I did get some key things done. It's so much easier to clean toilets without worrying about a toddler touching the toilet brush (I will never understand why that god-forsaken thing is so appealing to little people). It's so much easier to vacuum without someone chasing you trying to jump on top of it. It's a luxury to run something upstairs quickly without having to worry about leaving the gate open. The list could go on...


Don't get me wrong, I adore mini-me and I want to spend so much more time with her, but I also need to be able to wash the floors so that when she falls it's not into the sticky residue that is the remains of last night's dinner that was thrown because she would have rather had fruit.


Mini-me loves daycare and they love her. I didn't want to keep her home to watch me clean, accompany me to Costco etc. I love showing her off, but it can't be much fun for her. Ugh, I'm rationalizing again.


I did keep mini-me home on Thursday and made sure to dedicate the day to her. We went to a local indoor play center first thing and spent over 2 hours there. Mini-me and mom just playing all morning. We both had a blast. Naptime was inevitable - I tuckered her out and was followed by a joint lunch. Then, we met some friends down at the waterfront for a walk, snacks on a blanket, visit with the ducks, and playing in the park. We both had a truly amazing day and focused on enjoying each other's company. It wasn't rushed, it wasn't about anything other than spending time together. It was perfect.







when you're a mom it's important to:

  • still be a person outside being a mom
  • allow yourself the time and space to do things important to you (or necessary for the functioning of your household)
  • make your time count, for you and your little ones - if you have spare time, use it wisely

I took a week off work and sent my child to daycare and she loves me anyways because I made the most of all our extra time together. 





I took a week off work and sent my child to daycare BUT every moment I spent with her, the lingering in the mornings, the playing in the front yard before dinner because I picked her up early, and our wonderful girl's day together made me sure of my decision. I took a week off work and sent my child to daycare and I don't regret it. I'm still a good mom. I'm now just a mom with a cleaner house, a fully stocked freezer, a groomed dog, and cute toes (okay, that last one was a luxury but it is called a vacation afterall). 

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