I Survived the 1st Quarter of the School Year

4 years ago

This morning I dropped off my kids for their last day of school before Fall break. Today also marks the last day of the first quarter. Crazy!

Normally by this time I am so ready for a break of the every day hustle and bustle. I am ready for a do-over, a fresh start, a chance to redeem myself from the mistakes I made the first quarter. I welcome the reset of tardy days, hope for scream free mornings and pledge to establish a better homework routine after the break This year, not so much.

Maybe it’s because my kids are older and it’s just getting easier. Maybe it’s because having three kids in school requires better planning. Maybe I am coming into my own as a mom. I suspect it’s a combination of all three. Whatever the reason I am celebrating a successful 1st quarter.

* The kids have been on time every single day this year. My oldest daughter technically has been late twice but they were planned orthodontist days and not we couldn’t get it together days.

* My oldest daughter has perfect attendance! The other two have a couple legitimate sick with ear infections absences.

* I successfully made lunch for three kids every single school day with a special note. Not once did any of the kids need to buy lunch from the cafeteria!

* Not only have we established a successful homework routine, all homework has been completed and turned in ON TIME.

* I’ve only been late to get the kids once on early release day. In my defense it was after a holiday week and I thought it was Tuesday not Wednesday.

* I have helped in my daughter’s classroom, sent apples to school, turned in permission slips, met with the speech pathologist to exit my son from the program, disciplined my youngest daughter for talking in class, worked on my son’s hand writing, helped my daughter research an Egyptian God, corrected home work, held mock spelling test, remembered picture day and read countless children books.

Yes, I do realize these are things a normal mom is supposed to do. However, I have struggled to be a normal mom. Up until this year I have survived in a state of chaos. I couldn’t get it together. The more I failed the more guilt and less productive I became.

What changed? Me. Life is still as chaotic and crazy. The difference is my perspective, my attitude, my desire to stop beating myself up for my faults and embracing my victories. Even if they are things I should be doing.

Every morning before I get out of bed I praise God and ask for just enough strength to get through the morning. When my feet hit the ground I am determined to extend grace to my sleepy children and stay calm. Last year they woke to me yelling, “Get up we are going to be late!” This year they wake to me sitting at their bed side, gently shaking them and softly saying, “Wake up beautiful/handsome it’s time for school!” What a difference this has made in getting our day started.

Now I’m not saying every day is a birds chirping, mom singing, hunky dory kind of morning. What I am saying is our kids are still kids. They are slow as molasses, in need of constant instruction, bickering over who has more cereal, I forgot to have you sign this paper kind of kids in the morning. I am saying Ichanged.

I decided to take the time to refresh and renew my soul. It hasn’t been easy. I still struggle and fail at times but I am making progress. After I dropped the kids off this morning, I ran inside my house and yelled to Mr. C, “I DID IT!” I survived the 1st quarter of the school year!

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