The Cure to Baby Fever

3 years ago

Remember when I used to have baby fever? I had one of the worst cases and there was nothing anyone could do to lower it. It was such an intense urge that it consumed my life, every second of it.

Then I had a baby, and not long after that I had another one and during that time and the years that followed, I have experienced the following:

  • Recovery from two cesarean sections.
  • Spending seven weeks on hospital bed rest—leaving my 20 month old son for way too long.
  • Having more IV’s in one year than some may have in a lifetime.
  • Grocery shopping with a baby.
  • Being told they don’t like you.
  • Sleep training.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • A lot of postpartum tears I shed for no apparent reason.
  • Had a bad case of hydronephrosis during both pregnancies.

Because of these things? I am IMMUNE to the fever.

Credit: tbisaacs.

I don’t care how sweet your swaddled burrito baby is: I know soon he will awake and scream and demand something that you can’t quite put your finger on. You’ll try everything until you walk outside for a breath of fresh air and he stops. (You’ll then imagine the ways you could live outside forever.)

I don’t care how cute your little baby bump is: I know that baby bump means there is a child in there sucking the life out of you, causing you do to weird things, and kicks you a lot.

I don’t care how many adorably sweet baby photos I see: I know that baby is keeping you up all night, causing you to Google “baby poop,” and talk about nothing else but gas.

With that said, I still encourage everyone to have a baby because despite of all those things? Being a mom is the best thing in the universe. I’m glad I’ve gone through all that I have, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. Wanting a baby is most certainly out of my system and pregnancy really is the best cure for baby fever.

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