Realize I Don't Know It All

4 years ago

Editor's Note: With Mother's Day coming, we are talking about what motherhood has made us as part of our Mother's Day Eve celebration. Join us. -Jenna

My four-year-old daughter wears her shoes on the wrong feet most every day. I don't really notice so much but others do. They tell me wherever we happen to be.

"Oh, her shoes are on the wrong feet," the woman at Target tells me.

"Should we put your feet on the right feet?" her teacher might say at Sunday School.

It doesn't so much bother me because it's so her. She is independent and feisty and creatively unique and frankly, I've yet to find a reason not to let her wear them on the wrong feet. {Cue the email pitches from podiatrists…}

Credit: abbybatchelder.

Rewind a half a dozen years ago or so it may have been a battle I would have chosen. Kind of like I said my kids would wear only matching clothes, eat all of their vegetables as I said, never talk back and always stay in their beds at night.

The list goes on.

There would be no toy guns, no video games, no snacking in the middle of the Target aisle and certainly no tantrums. For me or for them.

I knew a lot about being a mom before I really was one. I knew what would work or wouldn't work. I was practically a parenting expert, don't you know?

And then something happened.

Something switched within.

I realized I really didn't know it all.

That sometimes there was maybe just a little bit more to the story and the situation.

That mom ripping open a bag of Goldfish in the aisle at Target just has to get her shopping done and knows that's going to buy her some peace and some time. And hey, I give her a lot of credit for resorting to the Goldfish because I just circle the bakery for the free cookies. "Should we get another cookie?" I've been known to say when my list is a half mile long and I know that I'm pushing it.

That mom who let her little boy wear his Batman costume to Sunday School once again. Oh you know that that mama had an internal debate that morning and decided to let it go because really, how many adults do you see walking around dressed as Batman? It's just a phase that will be over all too shortly.

I've openly admitted that my littles would sneak into my bed at night, something I vowed since my son's birth seven years ago I would NEVER allow. Well, I did and to be honest now that we've broken the habit, sometimes I miss waking up to warm, snuggly babes against me.

We all have these ideals, these instructions, both written and unwritten, that we are going to follow and most of the time until we're presented with the situation, we walk around holding our heads up high with the notion that we know what we're doing and that mom over there letting her kids play video games or wear shoes on the wrong feet or skipping veggies with tonight's dinner obviously does not.

But being a mother has taught me I don't really know it all. That the ideals and instructions don't so much matter and that what's working for that mom over there may or may not work for me. And what has worked for me might not work for you.

In the end, whether my kids are wearing shoes on the wrong feet or may have had more than one cookie on our shopping trip at Target, I'm doing my best and I'm willing to bet, you are too.


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