I Don't Like Breastfeeding!

4 years ago

Oh, breastfeeding. I won't argue that breastmilk is good for babies. I don't necessarily think it's horrible that hospitals are pushing breastfeeding just to be labeled as "baby friendly." But the truth is that breastfeeding isn't the be all and end all and if we neglect to talk about that -- that sometimes it hurts, that it's not always fun, that some moms simply don't like it -- we're doing moms an injustice. I believe in a whole truth look at things so moms can not only make informed decisions but feel supported. That's why I loved this post from Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection.

She confesses:

I might as well be honest. I don’t enjoy nursing my babies. I nursed my son until he was a year old, and I’m hoping to make it that long with my daughter, but that doesn’t mean I like it! I know it’s supposed to be this beautiful bonding expreience between me and my kiddos, but I just don’t feel that when I nurse. I feel annoyed, and bored. I know so many people that just adore nursing their children. They cherish it, they are saddened when their babies decide to wean, while I keep a mental countdown going until I’m done nursing for good (just under 7 more months in case you are wondering). It’s not painful, I can even sleep through it, we really have no problems with it. I just don’t enjoy it.

I'd love to hear from you, readers. Were you one who took to breastfeeding and loved it through and through? Did you face struggles along the way? Did you simply not like it? Please share. By having open, non-judgmental discussions, we continue to support each other, no matter how we feel about the topic.

Continue reading Paula's important post on the subject and let her know she isn't alone, that you support her.


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