I Am a Room Mom, and Now I'm Freaking Out

4 years ago

I am entering a new phase of my life. I have gone from having four little kids home every day, to three kid-free days a week. I am feeling my way through this transition, just like you have to do with any transition.

I have wondered what I am supposed to do to fill my time -- my not so long ago non-existent free time. I have a long wish list that includes writing, guilty pleasure television, and reading. But it is hard to be a stay at home mom and not think about what you could be doing to help your children, even in your newfound free time, even while they are at school. I mean you are home for a reason. Right?

Then I received an email. Would I consider being a lead room parent for one of my kid's teachers? How could I have not seen that coming? I do seem perfect for the job. Organized, personable, and a multitasking BEAST. I would certainly ask me.

Then why did I suddenly feel like I was going to throw up?

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There I said it. I was terrified of being a room mom. Like get up and give a speech in front of a large crowd terrified. Or walk down the street naked terrified. Or find out that I am pregnant with twins terrified.

I tend to address most things in life with a positive attitude. If there is something to be done, I will find a way to push through and get it done. To the very best of my ability. I am no lightweight. After all, these are the times when you grow as a person. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where it is at. Man! I am beating my chest right now!

Yeah. That pep talk didn't help me either. Still scared. But why? What was I afraid of?

So I thought about it. First of all, whenever anyone asks me to handle something or take charge I get a little excited. Who doesn't like to feel useful? And needed? They asked ME for a reason. They must believe that I can handle it. They must be right. Right? Or desperate. Oh no. What if they were just desperate? What if 12 people said no?



I am a people pleaser and I always want to step up to the plate and accept a challenge. So after trying to think of any other person who would be better than me, I agreed.

So there. It was too late to back out. I am no quitter. If I am anything, I am stubborn.

I was notified of a room parent meeting coming up at the school. It was to be the first meeting of the new school year. We would find out what would be expected of us, what our duties would be. In other words, a VERY important meeting.

Right off the bat, I noticed that the meeting was the exact time that I had to drop my son off at preschool. Great. I am already a room mom slacker. Why is the universe working against me?

So the day arrived for the big meeting. I had already emailed to let the head lead room mom know that I would be running late. Wait. Head lead room mom sounds strange. Let's call her Queen Room Mom. Yes. That is better. Queen Room Mom told me that would be fine. She would fill me in on anything that had I missed, after the meeting. I could almost hear her shaking her head.

You asked for it, lady.

My first line of business was what to wear. Oh, you don't think that is important? I had to carefully consider how to represent myself. I wanted to seem like I was way more comfortable with my new role than I actually was. So what says I am a lead room mom and I AM STOKED? A dress? No, not a dress. Too fancy. Shorts? No, shorts seem to say I like to party more than they say I like to throw a good SECOND GRADE party. Pants maybe? What length? I have below the knee, ankle or long length.

Why was I so freaking concerned with my pants? I was obviously skirting around the real issue. Would I suck as a room mom? Would the teacher like me? The kids? The other parents? The other room moms? (I chose just below the knee-length by the way. They seem to say I am stylish yet here to work. And not afraid to get my... calves dirty?)

I made it to the meeting. It was already over but the other nice moms instantly started filling me in. Telling me what was expected and what we would be working on. More than one told me that if I had any questions, just ask because they would be glad to help.

Just as I expected. Everything seems worse before you actually start. It just may turn out that I am good at this room mom thing. Maybe even great. I may get addicted to the power and position. I may even be... Queen Room Mom one day! I'm totally having a t-shirt made.

But for now I just want to do a good job -- for my son. I want to be the best lead room mom in the universe. Ever. So he will be proud.

What will actually happen though is I will somehow manage to get through the year. I will organize/participate in parties/fundraisers/festivals like a MUTHA. I will plead with friends to help me with the creative aspects. I will spend WAY too much time on Pinterest looking for ideas. I will do anything and everything that the teacher asks because that is really what it is all about. I am here to support her so she can be the best teacher that she can be.

Then when the year is FINALLY over, I will SWEAR that I am NEVER doing it again.

Until....I get that email.

Remember to do things that feel uncomfortable sometimes. Stretching beyond your limits can be rewarding. I will have to admit that I have never regretted it. Wish me luck!



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