I AM the New Wave of Feminism

6 years ago

I Am the New Wave of Feminism

I am the new wave of feminism.

I see a gay black woman leading an organization side by side with a middle age white man....and it doesn't surprise me. I expect it.

I have never known a time when I didn't have the same rights, same abilities, same expectations as my male counterparts.

I believe femininity is as valuable a tool as hard work, strength, determination and will.
I do not believe women are equal to men. I know we are better in so many ways.

I know I am not owed anything. Hard work and dedication will get me what I need.

I believe that nothing comes to those who wait for it, but only to those that go out and actually earn it.

I believe that complaining about the world around us, expecting, and demanding never got anyone anywhere. DOING something about it did.

I know that if I don't have something, its because I didn't work to get it.
Not because I am owed it. And that the problems I DO have are because of the choices I made, and for no other reason. They are nobody's fault but my own.

I believe it is more important to give back and care for my community than for myself.
If I don't, in the end, there will be nobody left to care for me.

I am the new wave of feminism.

I believe the most precious gift is the gift of life. But I also believe that a women should have the right to choose when her body will produce that life.

I believe my most important job is my role as a mother.

I believe there is nothing more important than bonding, nursing, and keeping an infant as close to you as possible as they grow. But, as they enter childhood they need to be set free.

I believe it is my job to allow them to explore and to learn on their own. They should be cared for with whole foods, fresh air, and taught to care for their bodies, their minds, and their community big and small.

I believe values, faith and compassion should be everyday vocabulary for a child. They should be loved, but not spoiled. And, that they should not be given the best life has to offer--otherwise they'll have no desire to earn it on their own.

I believe that as parents we have a responsibility to ensure our children know limitations, responsibility, and discipline. As parents we owe that to the rest of the world--the world they will encounter when our children leave our homes.

I am the new wave of feminism.

I believe my children will be the change I want to see in the world. I know my daughter will be a strong, wildly-successful professional, fully capable of providing a good life for herself and her children.

I am worried about teaching her a balance between work and home. My hope for her is that she will not be as torn as I am between splitting her time between herself, her career, and her children.

I believe my son will grow up with a deep understanding of the complexity of the world. That he will be caring and loving--understanding right from wrong. I know that he will work to make positive changes in the lives of others.

I am worried he will not know the importance of masculinity, strength and honor because I think our society downplays them. My hope for him is that he will be a good man, an honorable man, and a strong man dedicated to providing safety and security for his family.

I am the new wave of feminism.

I admire my grandmother's generation. I admire the ability to move between Rosie the Riveter and the stay-at-home caregivers of their families.

I battle my own desires between simultaneously holding a career closely and being the caregiver of my family. I enjoy the fulfillment having a career affords me. But my desire to be at home, ensuring a full, cared for childhood by ME for my children overwhelms me.

I am conflicted, loving, aware, and conscious. I want to see and spread the best there is in the world. I know not wether that be through my children or through myself. I deeply depend on my best friends and my family to guide me through my confusion. I only want to do what is right by everyone. I know not which way that is.

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