I admit it...I need a Home Organizer too!

6 years ago

Even Home Organizers need help too!  The kids and I moved 6 months ago and, although the majority of our home is set up and organized, there are still those "spots" that we all have...the ones that every time I look at them, I start thinking "I should really do something about that".  They silently nag at me each time they catch my eye.  They also seem to multiply overnight!

It's the 3 cardboard boxes my mom gave me from my childhood home that I stacked neatly in the kitchen, beside the stove, thinking that they will drive me crazy being there so that will motivate me to go through them.  They arrived about 3 months ago, and are now just an extension of the stove.  They also aren't so "neat" anymore, because other things have found their resting place on top of them too.

It's the 10 or so boxes of baby and toddler clothing that quietly sit in the crawl space (at least they are organized), waiting for me to take them to charity so another family can be blessed with the contents. I really need to attend to those before the snow flies because I really don't want to be walking up and down an outdoor flight of stairs to get them into the minivan to take to charity.
At least I finally organized my closet last weekend.  The sweaters that were piled so neatly on the top shelf looked great but every time I went to pull ONE down, I would be bombarded with ALL of them, toppling down.  Had a brainstorm, asking myself why did they have to be on the top shelf?  Why couldn't they go on the shelf UNDER my clothing that hangs in the closet?  I don't have dogs anymore so there's no dog hair that will mysteriously make its way through the wooden closet door and make all my sweaters dirty.  So, everything that was being stored on the shelf under my clothing (photo boxes, out of season shoes and sandals, etc), are now neatly arranged and organized on the shelf above my clothing.  So now when I pull out ONE sweater, only ONE sweater comes out.  It's the little things that make life so much simpler!
It's all about finding a system that works for YOU...not just one that looks pretty. 
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