How to Buy a Bra when You're a Mom

3 years ago

It was a girls’ weekend. My husband and son were away at a baseball tournament and I had a whole weekend to hang out with my best gal – my seven-year-old daughter.

We were going shopping, getting pedicures, hitting the movies, and playing at the park.

First things first, I needed a new bra. And Macy’s was having a sale. AND they had coupons on top of the sale. I wouldn’t have to shell out $60 for a Wacoal (which I love…but $60 for a bra? Come on!).

Macy’s was a madhouse of people and signs. I landed in the “Buy One, Get the Second 75% Off!” section of bras. Plus, if I spent $50, then I could take $20 off that with my coupon.

Now it’s hard enough to go bra shopping and actually find one bra that fits well. So here I was going bra shopping 1) with a seven-year-old, 2) looking for a bra that fit, 3) that had 2 identical sizes available for the “Buy One, Get the Second 75% Off” deal 4) that together topped $50 to I could use the awesome $20 off of $50 coupon.

In short, I was insane.

My daughter gamely went into the dressing room with me. She only whined a bit. She only laughed at me a bit. Soon I found a bra in the color and size I needed. Then, I explained the whole deal and coupon scenario while I scavenged through the racks until I found an identical bra.

I did it! I moved on to a full day of shopping, movies, pedicures and fun.

That night as I ripped off the tags, I realized I had gotten the same cup size, but not the same chest size.


Never fear. I would just stop at Macy’s on my way home from work and get the right size.

Like a miracle, Macy’s had the size and color I needed. Like in real life, the counter in the bra department was closed. So I walked over to the Children’s department with my two bras gripped in my hand like sad toy snakes.

Then I froze.

For the cashier in the Children’s department was the 20-year-old undergraduate student I’d supervised for the last 2 years! Yup, the eager student whose time card I submitted every two weeks. Did I want her exchanging my bra? NO.

Better question: did she want to exchange my bra? NO.

I backed away slowly, giggling like a crazed woman. I ended up at another counter and quickly made the switch. I went home and collapsed, mentally and physically exhausted from bra shopping.

But I did get *2* new bras under $40, so it’s all good!

How about you? Do you like shopping? Do you take your kids, big or small?



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