How to Be Present and Accounted For

4 years ago


I'm always on the look out for a great quote. I saw a wonderful one yesterday (there was no attribute; else I would cite it).

The quote said this:

"Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead, invest your energy in the positive present moment."

"Invest your energy in the positive present moment."

Don't you just love that?

Sadly, the vast majority of us ( me included) spend too much time reflecting on the past or planning for the future. How much time and energy do we really spend, not just enjoying the moment, but the positive present moment? Seeing the negative things in our lives and in our immediate environment is easy. Shucks, it's almost like those negative things cry out to us and demand our attention. You know; the rude clerk who makes a point of letting you know that yes, she really is being nasty. The overly critical co-worker who is determined to not only pooh-pooh all your ideas in the team meeting, but believes it is her life mission to show you up in front of the boss. And you certainly don't want to forget last night's argument with your significant other (the replay of which is playing over and over and over in your head), or the fact that your sister gets. on. your. last, nerve. with all her incessant complaining and you really wish you knew how to tell her to just stop it.  

Awareness of all those negative things is almost like breathing, right?  How about we strive to cultivate a similar awareness - no, an overriding awareness - of the positive things all around us?

So, instead of regarding the sound of the Starbucks coffee grinder as invasive and loud, I anticipate the rich, intoxicating smell of fresh ground coffee beans that will follow. I look out the window and embrace the bright sunshine, especially when I remember that just a few short days ago we endured a week's worth of rain and flooding. Sure, that little boy is running all over the store and he probably needs his mother to corral him, but he has the most lush, curly eyelashes, and a sweet, mischievous grin. Instead of frowning, I smile at his mother and tell her that her boots are to die for, and that her son is The Cuteness.

Yes, all the negative things in my life are there, somewhere on the edges of my mind. I push them farther away, and then decide to banish them totally. The rambunctious little boy looks like he has decided he wants to chat with me, and even sit in my lap. I quickly close my laptop and put it away. I want to give him my full attention as he shows me the lights on his tennis shoes and then plays with my rings.

He grins at me; pleased at my oohs and aahs. I grin back. I'm present and accounted for. I made the conscious decision to invest my energy in squeezing all the goodness out of this moment, and it's paying me back.

In this moment, life is good - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Join in the Fray: What can you do to be present and accounted for? 

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