How to bathe Pooder

4 years ago
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My daughter is still in the infancy stage of the notorious spitting up sometimes combined with projectile vomiting. This usually means a bath nearly everyday. Breastfed poo may not stink much but breastfed vomit on the other hand.... yuck! Maybe it's just my kid she but dear Lord she smells at the end of the day. I digress though. Bathtime usually starts off by notifying everyone it's now 8pm and therefore time for our bedtime routine to begin. We say good night to grandma while I get Pooder's bath going. Then it's off to actually bathe. Before Pooder  babe goes in the tub we have a checklist to go through:

Did I remember to take off her socks?

Is her butt clean of poo?

Did I grab a clean wash cloth?

Where is her towel?

Once all of that is established it's into the infant tub she goes. Luckily my kid loves baths. At least the kind that happen in her tub and not the sponge varity that happened twice before her cord stump fell off and finished healing. She usually does not appreitate the wipey kind of rub down either. 

Once again though I digress. Ok. Kid is now in the tub happily kicking away in the warmth of the water and squealing with delight. What do I do first?  I cup my hand and scoop some water and wet the kid down. For some reason this is just some great fun to her and I always get more kicks and a big toothless grin. Sometimes a wash cloth is placed over her for modesty's sake and a photo op begins. Pooder is a good tub model when she isn't hungry or grumpy. Her faced is "washed" first with a clean plain wash cloth. One should never use soap on a newborn's face.

Then comes the hair washing. She REALLY REALLY REALLY  likes this part. According to the nurses at the hospital who bathed her it's the only part she didn't scream through. Takes after her daddy in that part. The man loves having his scalp scratched and my hands running  through his hair when he actually sits down long enough to be spoiled so.

Now the baby soap is poured onto the wash cloth and lathered up and it's time to wash the babe. More smiles and sometimes a few coos will happen at this point. Of course much baby talk voice stuff happens while washing. We go over the names of the body parts I'm scrubbing. Sometimes I just go on and on about how cute she is and how good she'll smell after we're done. 

Once  I'm satisfied with the wash job we rinse. I think this may be the only part of her bath that she isn't to thrilled with. She gets the bug eyed oh crap help look on her face and her arms join in on the thrashing as well as kicking legs. This is the point most people refer to when they say bathing a baby is like playing catch the greased pig. For whatever reason God made babies slick as oil. Hair is rinsed first. Everything else usually gets rinsed off with her thrashing around.

Finally it's time to take Pooder out of the bath and wrap her up in a warmed towel and dry off and lotion up. This is another part I know she doesn't like as this is where her crying usually starts and the bath is offically over.

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