Housewife Tip of the day: Demanding that they clean, doesn't make it happen

7 years ago
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Welcome to my first blog attempt.  I say that with fear and sarcasm and joy.  It is not easy to be a housewife.  I am even more busy than I was when I worked a 40 hour week.  I have noticed that being a stay at home "wife/mom" has earned me the reputation for being expected to handle all housework. 

My children come home from school, I only have two... they climb ONTO the countertop, rummage for a snack, and leave a trail of crumbs and paper behind them. 

They get their showers... I feel the need to enter their bathroom with a military issued suit.  As I enter the hall, the heavy heat of the steam from their showers infiltrates me.  I cautiously glance into the bathroom, and this is literally the image I see:  Bottom drawer by the  Clothing...on the counter by the sink, beside the toilet, by the door, and even sopping wet clothing that had to have been used to wash them off, or they forgot to remove it before they stepped into the shower.  I gave up trying to figure that out.  Inside the tub/shower combo, the hand towel that they used for a rag, because the actual rags fell out onto the floor when they pulled a towel from the cabinet.... did I mention that the cabinet door was open as well? It was.  Towels left behind, hang unfolded from the shelves, probably thankful for having been spared this time. 

After I boil inside for a few minutes, and notice the toothpaste slatters that are all over the mirror (really???), and realizing that I have stepped into a puddle of water that spans the entire width of the room IN MY SOCKS,  I call them BY their fist and middle names.  They finally hear me after the 4th beckoning. 

Hear is my typical conversation:  "Why did you leave the bathroom like this?  You need to clean this up.  It's ridiculous and looks like the bathroom threw up clothing." 

They put the clothes in the laundry, then disappear...

I call them again, and mention that they still haven't finished cleaning up the bathroom.

After this attempt, I am too tired to  "demand" anymore.  I shove the unfolded towels back into the cabinet enough that I can shut it (after all... they will just be unfolded tomorrow), and then retreat to find dry socks.

Lesson learned?  Demanding that they clean, does not make it so.  Now, threatening to withhold allowance?  Yeah, that works a little better!