Off to homeschooling we go!

5 years ago

As you are getting your child ready to go back to school this year, Calvin will be taking the plunge as well. We are not going to a formal school, or even a pre-school. We are starting our homeschooling journey.

Call me Crazy? maybe!

As teachers are planning curriculum for the year (during their summer break let me remind you) I have started to form a very basic curriculum for a 2-year old.I know that some ideologies find that homeschooling a 2 year old is not necessary. I don’t agree. I find that at this age, my child has a hunger to learn and is very curious about the world around him. Creating a curriculum for my child’s learning, helps with the much needed structure any child and family yearns for.

My approach to learning is “play based” and this will guide my 2- year old curriculum.


This curriculum is a guide for learning and I choose these topics based off of my child’s current capabilities, current assessment, interests and resources. Evaluation and direction of this 2-year old curriculum will be noted and changed based off of progress.

ABC’s, numbers, colors, and shapes, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, physical activity, social interactions, emotions, music, manors, holidays, food experiences, cooking, art, community.

Although it may be convenient to think about what the child will learn as separate (categories like above), I find that being centered around a large theme is more appropriate in learning at this age. Activities will be centered around a specific unit that will incorporate all the categories (as mentioned above). This way learning is not forced.

A few topics for this year will include: weather, grocery store, gardening, colors, trucks, doctors, hot v.s cold , dogs, cats, farm animals, friends, family, stop vs. go . The amount of time  on each topic will really depend on the interest generated.


  • Find the letter C in his first name
  • Count to 3
  • Know and identify 2 colors
  • Know and identify 2 shapes
  • Hold crayon and writing utensil in hand
  • trace the letter C
  • Know his age when asked how old
  • point to simple things in a book
  • begin to identify people by names
  • Know the rooms in the house
  • Know  2 bug names- spider, ant
  • Hop on 1 foot
  • point out that people are sad
  • clap to a beat
  • sign a few verse of songs
  • follow 2 step directions
  • ask questions
  • Walk up and down stairs, alternating feet
  • Jumping with two feet together
  • Learn to independently go to the bathroom (wash hands)
  • Learn to dress one self with little assistance
  • Show concern and respect for others

As mentioned before, this is nearly a guideline that provides structured learning in our home. I won’t be spending loads of money on educating my child. We are using things and situations that NATURALLY occur in our daily grind. This is just a way for me to be mindful in my teaching and to cover concepts in a play based setting.

My child yearns for information and it’s my responsibility to take part in his education.

This approach may not before every parent or child. If you have any questions please ask.

All information is based on my own learning of child development and classroom experience. Eventually, K-12th grade homeschooling is My family’s goal. We can’t afford to put our child in a Pre-school program and I feel confident in teaching my own child. Plus, our family goal is for me to stay home and raise my own child/ren.



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