helping my teenage daughter to think outside the box

3 years ago

As my 12 years old daughter enter her teen years,my mind is not only racing about all the troubles that she could get into but also what could happen to her, I want to try to encourage  and make her inquisitive about all the opportunities and knowledge that she can take and bring into her future life,unfortunately for me i do not have much positive responses!

As i know too well myself at this age it is rare that a girl get interested in what others generations of women have had to fight and still have to fight to have the opportunities that we and them have because of them,to be able to stand for herself when something is not right as well as defending her rights and being free to choose what she wants to do.

Sometimes i just want to shake her and make her think more outside this box that most of us sadly enter during teenagers year(as i know too much myself),lack of self esteem,wanted to fit,not knowing who we really are yet,i know these are difficult moments but i truly believe that every women should have some feminist in herself,i am not asking her to be 200% percent into it,there's some limit.

So yes she is still young,but by opening her to new thoughts and trying to make her see things differently i hope to help her to be interested in the future of women of her generations and continue to keep our privileges but most importantly also fights for the women in the world that are still nothing in some countries.Yes, sometimes i am direct with her when i say that girl of her own age are forced to be married or treated as sex slaves and maybe some of you will think that it is too brutal but i 've always acted this way from an early age,i believe that talking to children with their own words and being as thruthful as possible will make them see that although the society can be violent it is a minority.

I'm talking to her regurlarly about different topics but not only, when programs talk about certain facts that touch her i'll make her sit down with me and again we will talk about it(violence physic and mental,anorexia,boulimia,bullying,syber bullying,seeing her body as it really is)even if some topics are not in the mirror for the next few years  the more you talk about it the more it is natural and they will forge their own opinions as well as being stronger about it.

I am doing all these things to protect her,making her a stronger person and women who is not afraid of her opinions and can say NO firmly without being afraid of the responses,having a positive self esteem of herself,whatever she says something about her weight,height,development or a fight with one of her friend,i'll make her explain to me first so i can understand fully what the target of the problem is then i try to motivate her to think differently giving her a different and constructive side point of view.

If like me you have a teen daughter don't hesitate to give me your hinsight of what you are doing to make her aware of the world around her.

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