Have Kids, Will Travel -- Travel Tips For Busy Parents

4 years ago

When traveling with kids, moms need all the help they can get! (Can I get a witness?) So today I thought I'd share with you dear sweet lazy moms (and dads) a few lazy tips I used during our spring break vacation.

We don't usually travel by plane when all five of us are headed somewhere, but this time we did! In order to get ready for the plane ride with three kids in tow, I prepared snack bags for each child (and a snack bag for Lazy Dad and I to share).

I decided to give each person a gallon-sized zipper storage bag with various snacks/treats inside. Each person's name got put on the white label area to avoid confusion and that dreaded mom kryptonite - ARGUMENTS!

Also in each snack bag I packed a snack-sized zipper bag with several sticks of gum. I didn't want to have to scramble for gum for each person once our ears starting popping as the pressure on the plane changed, so they each had their own to be "in charge" of.

I didn't give the kids free reign over their snack bags, they still had to ask to get a one, but it was great to be prepared ahead of time for the snacking munchies! Because remember, if you do a little bit of planning ahead of time, later you can be lazy! *wink*

Another great lazy mom tip we instituted for travel years ago was our color code tip. About 6 years ago I ran across some carry-on-sized rolling suitcases that were in different colors for ten bucks each at Target. As I was standing there looking at them I realized that there was a color for each of my children, so I snatched them up and never looked back!

My kids love their colored suitcases and again, it cuts down on confusion and arguments. These bags have been all kinds of places with us!

An added bonus to this travel tip is the fact that most people do not have bright orange, blue and red suitcases, so they were super easy to spot mixed in with everyone else's bags. My kids even spotted their suitcase being loaded on the bottom of the plane as they watched out the windows!

Now, this next Lazy Mom Tip is a bit of a no-brainer for airport travel, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway just in case you haven't thought of it yourself yet.

I had each child pack a backpack of things to do on the plane. Books, playing cards, stuff for drawing/coloring, and small (quiet) toys topped our kids' list. I would also recommend a small stuffed animal for them to hold on to if the plane ride gets bumpy. (Just don't let your kids over-pack it! My daughter's got way too heavy! Definitely check the weight of it on your child's shoulders before you leave.)

Their backpack's contents not only gave them something to do on the plane, but also during the rest of the trip and in the airport.

And of course, if all else fails, my last Lazy Mom Tip for airport traveling is...

Let them play on the moving sidewalks!

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