Happy now or later!?

4 years ago

I have made some bad decisions based on how my daughter felt at the moment. For example: My daughter didn't want to leave her friends or her school, so we bought a house in town, and commuted to gymnastics. Now my daughter is being home schooled because she was burning the candle at both ends, getting up for school at 6 after going to bed at 12 from gymnastics. She started to get very sick and sleep deprived. NOW, after driving 140 miles a day for the last YEAR for gymnastics we are buying another house to be close to practice.  

I told my daughter last year, we are only going to do what is best, not necessarily what puts a smile on your face. Children have no clue what they want, or how to even get what they want. Sure it's easy to just do what they are kicking and screaming , but the 52,000 miles on my year old truck and the $200 in gas a week, says something totally different!! Will I do what ever for my kids, hell yeah!!, but if they aren't learning anything, what good is it! If she isn't upset with me at least once a day, I haven't done my job lol. I will worry about her being happy when she is grown. Are you happy at work, every minute of the day, No! Why, because you have demands to meet. 

I am not saying we shouldn't want our little ones to be happy, of course we do. But, If your kids are running around playing with this and that and you have to tell them six times to do something, you have listened to them for far to long. If they cry and act out at the sight of responsibility, you have listened to them far to long.
There is no specific equation to parenting, and no body knows it all. Hell, it's basically trial and error lol. 
But, the key to MY happiness is the rules I have set in place for my children lol. She knows if I don't hear the vacuum cleaner at least twice a week she will hear my mouth. Rules are the only thing that keeps children happy...why?...because nobodies yelling, nobodies upset...everything is running smooth!! 

I am sure people will argue that isn't providing gymnastics making her happy....Yes, the thought of being a successful gymnast makes her happy, the cute leotards make her happy, and the trophies...But forcing her to go to practice when she doesn't want to, when her legs are bruised up, when her hands are ripped open...is the unhappy life lesson part! Making sue she doesn't live in regret or become a quitter, is the unhappy part.
So focus on the right kind of happiness. Instant gratification leads to an unstable empty life
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