Hammers and Needle-Nose Pliers: Staples Every Mom Should Have

7 years ago
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All moms know that contractors who put locking doorknobs on interior bedroom doors, probably do not have children.  If they do, then it has to be a "spread the joy" reasoning that pays forward the inevitable -- when the child locks himself in their bedroom. 

My children have locked themselves in their rooms more times than I can count.  Thankfully, they have been old enough to unlock it themselves, too.  My niece, who is 1, locked herself in her sister's bedroom the other day, and obviously, had to stay that way until we could get her out.  Now, I also want to state, that contractors who put those locking doorknobs on the bedroom doors, should probably have enough sense to know that there needs to be a way to open the door, if the "key" to unlock that door from the outside is lost....

When I arrive at my sisters house, she is on the phone with her out of town husband, letting him know that it shouldn't be expected for us women to have the strength to kick the door in.  That was his first thought!  I tried a series of keys in the keyhole, but that didn't work.  My sister gave permission for brutal force, so I asked her for a HAMMER.  I began to beat the doorknob, which in turn scared my trapped niece even more, but I was determined that this would work.  The door knob fell off after a minute or so!  The bad news was, that it still didn't allow us to unlock that door.  Trying to think quickly, I peered into the narrow opening where I could see the tab that would let us in that room.  As luck would have it, her husband didn't have a lot of his tools there at the house, so I ran home to snag a pair of NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS.  After turning that tab a while, it finally unlocked the door!! My sweet baby niece was screaming in tears at this point, but as soon as the door opened, she started smiling, and went straight to her mom! Now, had the screws to remove the doorknob had been on the outside of the door, instead of inside the bedroom with the lock, we would have solved this issue peacefully.  With a path of splintered door wood, and lots of tape to ensure that the door would not latch until her husband was back home to remove the rest of the bent doorknob, we were satisfied with the fact that it was time to remove all of those knobs! 

Long story short, ladies need to keep a tool kit too!  They sell pretty pink ones for those who are "fashion conscious".  It is the essential emergency kit! 

End note: I was on a high from the success of getting that door open without calling for help, so I told my husband about the ordeal...  He smiled, and calmly asked me if I tried the "credit card trick".  I said no, and he proceeded to show me the ease of sliding the card in between the latch and the frame- which would have totally eliminated the destruction that had occurred...  To that, I say... ladies, add an expired credit card to that emergency kit!