Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: Couples, Singles and Groups

4 years ago

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Dia de los muertos, day of the dead, Halloween face painting,If there's one thing I've noticed while perusing some of my favorite blogs this season, it is that I'm not alone in my extreme love of Fall and all things Halloween. It's not just about the excuse to add pumpkin spice to everything and overindulge in cider donuts. It's all about transformation. The weather is changing from hot and steamy to cool and crisp, the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange, and then on Halloween we get the chance to transform ourselves too! Always wanted to be a superhero? On (or around) October 31st you can totally get away with wearing a cape and spandex in public with nary a backwards glance (ok maybe a few, but it's at least justifiable.) Day to day you're buttoned up tight and all business? It's Halloween! Throw on some fishnets and heels, don a glam crayola colored wig and try on an alter ego for the night. I don't know about you, but I have been dying to get all dolled up in full on Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) make up (check out the PicMonkey version of it up there!) 
Did I forget the decorations, oh the decorations- Pinterest is a wealth of spooky goodness right now! Get some twigs, wire, and chalkboard paint, add a little ribbon, and you have a wreath! Pumpkin carving isn't just a fun family pastime anymore either! Now pumpkin couture is the way to go.
Of course I couldn't just let the season go by without joining in on the fun, so allow me to share some of my favorite Fall and Halloween crafts and costumes...

                                                                                                                                             Have you met these little dudes?
Pumpkins, mustaches, fangs, easy pumpkin carving
I made them last year and have every intention of resurrecting them this year. Here's a post I wrote with a little DIY (and there's not much involved here.) I hate to rehash old posts, but I absolutely adore these silly little gourds and I just couldn't write about Halloween without them. While I'm at it, you may as well check out this creepy (and delicious) Halloween treat: edible eyeballs! 

edible eyeballs, Halloween dessert, Halloween treat

If you've gotten to know me a bit, then you know that we go all out for Halloween. I love to decorate the house inside and out, and every year we throw a Halloween party. This year will be 7 years of Meg's and John's Annual Halloween shindig. We have partied through sadness and snowstorms, when our boiler was broken, and days after hurricane Sandy hit. Come hell or high water (literally) we still have a good time and bring it with the costumes. We get a little competitive too.

Check out some of my faves...
Couple Halloween costumes, ideas, Halloween costumes for couples
Solo costumes, Halloween costumes, creative costumesCouple Halloween costumes, ideas, Halloween costumes for couples
Couple Halloween costumes, ideas, Halloween costumes for couples
Group costumes, Halloween costumes, themed costumes

There are a lot of good memories in those photos and hopefully some inspiration for you if you're looking for some costume ideas! We've had pregnancy announcements via costume, random group themes occur with no planning (both group costume pics above happened without any of us deciding to do the group thing,) family costumes and so much more. 

I've promised a little info about how I made the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head costumes, but I don't have any pictures to illustrate how I did it, and frankly I'm still surprised it worked. If you seriously want to make it though, feel free to contact me and I will break it down for you. It's actually really easy, just time consuming: It's a potato sack attached to a white shirt and stuffed. The parts were cut out of foam core, padded with batting and covered with felt and the hats were a huge, pain in the ass paper mache project...we only wore the hats for pictures anyway and the costume is still pretty awesome without them.

The Halloween party tradition was actually started by my parents. They used to throw one with their friends when we were little and I thought it would be fun to pick up their tradition. One of my favorite pics is of my mom as a bag of garbage. She wore a big, trash bag stuffed with paper garbage, black tights, tissue boxes for shoes and a wastebasket on her head- and she looked adorable:

Retro Halloween, Trashy Halloween, creative individual costume idea

This year John and I are thinking of using her costume as inspiration for our own spin on "trashy"...

Oh Halloween, how I love you...
Oh yeah!
Owl wreath, Happy Halloween, burlap

Tutorial coming later this week!
(You know, in case you haven't already had your fill of Halloween wreaths.)
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