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On 9/26/12, I wrote:


Some fun conversations with little man K this evening.


K: Mommy, how old am I now?


“You know.”


K: How old am I?




K: 29??!!




K: How’d that happen?


Laughing out loud, “No, I’m just kidding.  How old are you?”


K: Three and ¾.


“Right!  You did know.”


K: But when will I not be three and ¾?


“In just 3 more months, on your birthday, you will turn 4.”


K: You mean in 3 days?


“No, it is September now.  Then it will be October and your cousin’s birthday and he will turn 4.  Then November and Thanksgiving will come and then December, your birthday month.”


K: And J. will give me a gift!


“And what about J’s gift, for his birthday?”


K: Oh yeahhh.


“What should we get him?”  (Pause)  “A brand new CAAAHHHRRR!”


K: Heh.  Nooo.




K: It wouldn’t fit in our bag.


He is reading now – sounding it out, slowly.  When there are odd rules, he’s remembering them and catching on.  THE is not Tuh, Huh, Eh but always “the.”  SH together is always Shhhh and a double OO is mostly Ooooo, but we came across the word “Floor” tonight, so he said, “Fuh…Luh…Ooooo…Ruh.  I told him that it SHOULD be that, but this word is actually “Flohhhhr.”  Stupid English.


Each evening (that I remember to do it), I write a new message to him on his Dry Erase easel that he gets to read in the a.m.  Every now and then, with a book or his morning messages, he decides a word is too hard or he’s maybe not in the mood.


“Can you finish this sentence?”  He’s given up. I’m so impressed at how rarely he does give up because he really seems to enjoy reading.  Tonight, in fact, I was going to read him a story that is at a Kindergarten level.  It consisted of 2 words per page, most of which were repeats, so I just let him read it off the bat.


When we got to what I thought was a challenging word, I’d try to help him out in order to give him an idea and he actually said, “Mom, I’m supposed to do it, remember?”  Go YOU.


“I can do it myself,” is a welcome phrase as he still usually wants us to do more than we should.


“Put on your sneakers, K.; we are leaving.”


Can you do it, please?


We end up compromising that he’ll do one and I’ll do the other.  If I’ve had it with that manipulation, we stall and it becomes an argument or a tearful episode.  I don’t often have the time for that and have even less patience (and sometimes, I don’t have the heart to put him through that) so I try to pick the right time to push him, to help him grow without him feeling like I don’t want to be helpful.  I also don’t want to go through a, You do it.  No, YOU do it routine as that would get us absolutely nowhere.


This blog entry began on 9/26/12 and it is now 10/26/12.  In those 4 weeks and 2 days, he has been mostly congested and not sleeping very well.  We’d slacked off on the reading and even his ‘homework’ from our nanny – writing a full page of the letter A, or B or C and the number 1 (he hasn’t been pushed further than that) – has been replaced with the Nebulizer before bedtime.  I finally asked for the notebook tonight to get him back on track.  This weekend, it’s all about slanty and straight lines, as well as practicing circles, thanks to the nanny’s daughter, a Masters in childhood development.  This week, we did have fun trying to remember how to spell words, such as the word WEEK.  “Double U, Double E, K!”  Say that with a silly voice and it’s pretty catchy.


Tomorrow, we go back to Music Together classes as he actually asked for it by name.  “When do we go back to music class?”  Oh…you remembered that, huh?  We were trying to save some $ and hoped to start him in a Tae Kwon Do class, but have not quite organized that just yet.  Can we possibly do anymore than we’re doing?!  What about sleep?  What about a staycation?

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