GRANDMA......I was so blessed to have had a real Grandma…..She even looked like what most picture a Grandma to look like….My Grandma had grey hair, wore a housecoat around, and cooked lots of wonderful foods……What an impact my Grandmother had on my life….She was amazing….and touched so many lives out of her little world….

Grandma’s house was where everyone gathered….Her little house by the railroad tracks way out in the country….We all crowded into Grandma’s little 3 room house…Cousins, family, and friends were always there on the holidays and weekends..She seemed to always have a pan of Southern Fried Chicken on the stove and some simple but delicious dessert on the table waiting for us…..Her little home was heated by a coal stove in the kitchen……We loved to take turns keeping warm by that coal stove….When we got too warm we would go sit in Grandma’s rocker by the widow to cool off……

Grandma always read from her old worn out Bible at night. She taught us right from wrong….She listened to us throughout all our years and helped us come up with solutions to our problems…..She let us know when we were wrong, but always loved us regardless……She would then point us in the right direction….

Grandma held her shoes together by rubber bands….She wasn’t fancy….She had the money to buy new shoes but she liked her old “Depression” era way of life….She always believed a penny saved was a penny earned…..She was generous of spirit and always shared what she had….

Grandma laughed with us and cried with us…..Grandma gave us comfort… In the summer time we sat out on her front porch swing and we would have the best conversations just swinging along……Later in life I would have my telephone calls to Grandma….They were wonderful…..A great telephone conversation with Grandma was almost as good as being there in person….


Grandma has passed on to the great beyond she always talked about and read about from her Bible….And yet, even though it has been years since…I think about her often…..She had such a profound impact upon the person I am today….I miss her….I am grateful to her…..and I am so lucky and blessed to have had such a wonderful Grandma….

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