The Magic of a Box: Goodbye, Fort Days

5 years ago
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This past summer Victor and the neighbors' kid made a fort out of a couple of cardboard boxes we had from our move... and tooth picks, scraps of rope, and lots of glue gunning.

They spent several days building it and then playing with it for weeks with their Lego men.

Now autumn is almost over and between school being back, newspaper routes to be... routed, and the cold settling in, the fort has become a bit derelict and its roof has begun to sag.

I decided I'd document it before its inevitable collapse to the forces of winter weather.

Frosty kept them company throughout the summer.

This fort's all cool and has computers and desks and techy stuff in the tower -- 'cause towers to hold princesses are like... "so silly."

Robo the Robot. {I named it..*happy dance*}

Military Truck

{There's probably a more specialized name for this.. But I am clueless.}

Good-bye Fort Days...

I hope you'll come back next summer, reminding me of my old forts -- the ones with a Rapunzel named Rebecca who wore ballet slippers and rode a horse off into the sunset to capture Indians... because yes... because childhood... because Fort Days.


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