Flamingos, Fro-Yo and Food Trucks

3 years ago
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Another fun weekend come and (almost) gone! This weekend was one of those ones I wish would never end! Every second it felt like we were going, going, going as we jam packed as much fun in as we could :) So busy apparently, that Odette fell asleep at approximately 6:08 on Friday night! Friday, we went bowling with Odette but she was anything but excited about it. We really thought she would like it but she started screaming and crying almost immediately. This was probably due to the fact that she woke up a 5 a.m. that morning and fell asleep on the way to the bowling alley :( Here's a few snapshots of the laughs, the tears and all the silly moments in between! Sorry for all the pictures, I seriously have a problem!

Looking all grown up on the lanes!

 "I don't like bowling mommy!"

 Not all that excited to try bowling. I even got her a pink ball, I don't get it lol?!

Really concerned with people bowling.

After bowling we grabbed some sushi and then headed to our favorite frozen yogurt shop! We let Odette have a small bowl of her own and it was probably the most hilarious experience ever. She kept shivering and screaming for more lol! After getting frozen yogurt, we headed to Lowe's to get some supplies for our grill. Is it just me or do we do anything but work on our backyard lately?

 First fro-yo experience!

While there, apparently we were really hopped up on sugar because we started playing around with the plastic flamingos in the Lowe's garden center lol.

"Aww, so cute!"

"Run, Dette Cakes!"

Flamingo in the flowers!

Saturday, we went to the farmer's market really early and grabbed our favorite food truck breakfasts! Mike always gets waffles from Waffle Crush but I opt for the healthy Uprooted Kitchen. I have such an obsession with all their food. It is so, so delicious! Of course we also hit up Lowe's once or maybe three times as we worked on our backyard the rest of the day. We also chose a color to paint our grill that I LOVE!! We think we're going to paint our house this color too because it's the perfect mix between grey and brown.

 Let's take a stroll!

 I will never stop loving snapping shots of these two! Their daddy daughter love is so sweet!

 A close up of my most delicious frittata!

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday and an awesome week!


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