Five Ways to Fundraise For Your Child’s School

2 years ago
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In recent years, public schools across the US have been forced to find creative ways to fund even some of the most basic activities. Whether you chalk it up to the economic climate, political pressure, or the like, the bottom line is that the days of unlimited school budgets are long gone.

So, in this day and age if you want to ensure that your child's school can pay for basic but essential school lanyards items, such as field trips, classroom supplies, equipment, etc. the chances are that this will mean fundraising on the school's behalf. Sometimes it's selling lanyards and other times it's cookies but here's what you need to know about raising money for your child's school.

  • Use time-tested methods of selling cookies.
  • Give a hand at innovative websites that help in fundraising.
  • Get local businesses to participate in events.
  • Seek donations in the form of needed items.
  • Arrange a musical night at school.

That said, let's dive in and go to work for your local primary school!

Traditional methods

Even though selling cookies are one of the oldest methods to raise funds for schools, it still works well with most people. It does not cost much to organize such events, and it will bring out the best participation of your kids in the entire activity; this will give them something to enjoy and at the same time help the cause by raising some funds for the school.

Even the donors will get to enjoy the cookies and contribute to a good cause at the same time. In this manner, you can organize such events on a weekend to get maximum sales for your cookies.

Websites to help you raise funds

You will be surprised to know that raising funds for your child’s school has become very easy with websites exclusively dedicated to this cause. Many of them promote partnerships with various businesses and donate a part of the proceedings towards the school. You go to friends and family and ask them to use partnering web portals to shop for their needs and thereby bring in some donations for your school.

You can even customize the deals as per your choice on certain websites and divert the proceedings to the cause of your choice. All you need to do is to set an event and promote it on your social pages. The sales through these links will come into a dedicated account, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the school of your choice. In this manner, you need not spend any money in organizing any event and get the job done through your social media contacts.

Yet another interesting website brings you a lot of donations to schools by way of using their app on your smartphone. You just need to upload your shopping receipts on the app. They will use this for market research, and you get paid for doing the job. They will donate some money to your child’s school whenever you upload such receipts. In this way, you will not be paying anything from your pocket and yet manage to get funds for your child’s school. You can also ask your friends to use such apps to get funds for your school.

Partner with local businesses

Always make sure to involve the local business community in your fundraising activity. Remember that most parents shop in the vicinity and it makes sense to divert a part of the proceedings towards funding your child’s school. You just need to get in touch with them and ask them to hold a special sales event at the school. They will donate a part of the proceedings to the school and in this manner; you will save a lot of effort involved in the entire process. You need not worry about arranging any event, and the local businesses will take care of everything as they get more sales and publicity with such events.

Seek donations in the form of needed items

You can even get donations other than cash for your school. It just needs some promotion on your part of your social media pages. Use your contacts on these platforms and spread the word about receiving donations for your school. You can even get furniture, books and many other things as part of the contributions. If the school is not in a position to use the furniture, they can arrange for selling them to dealers or individual buyers and make some money.

The money thus generated can be used for funding the school. The good news is that such donations are usually eligible for tax exemption and your friends may be more than happy to donate their old furniture to the schools. Many companies are involved in such charitable activities, and you can get in touch with them to get such donations. Most people will come to the place to offer such donations, and this will save you any expenditure in transporting the items.

Musical night at school

You can pool in some local talent and arrange a musical night at your school. Keep the ticket prices, nominal to attract a large crowd; this can bring the necessary funds to the school. You will also be happy to spend an entertaining evening with your kids. The best option is to organize such events on weekends or public holidays so that more people can attend the event.

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