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5 years ago

 Monday was a good post for me - good in that it was me being rippingly honest and good in that it was absolutely riveting to read your responses.


It's also good in that I must focus on ways to balance it all out and don't get stuck feeling like the heart of who I am a person feels left out, looking in on some new life I don't altogether understand. Like a kid pressed up against a glass window.


We are working hard on changing two things: 1) clean up - clean up every night before we go to bed and 2) art projects: make sure we do one. Every day.


Art projects keep me whole and sane and, two birds in one stone, it's a way I can sorta be alone and yet still be with the kids. I get 'em started on something and then when they are engrossed, I can whip out my project and tinker. This my friend, is good. Very, very good. One of the good-est things I've come up with to date.


Fingerpainting! Our recipe:

In a saucepan, mix 1/2 cup cornstarch and 3/4 cup cold water and stir till smooth. Pour 1/4 cup water in a small bowl, add a packet of plain gelatin.


Set aside until the gelatin dissolves slightly.

Pour 2 cups of boiling water into the saucepan mix and stir. Place on heat and STIR LIKE CRAZY till the the mix boils and become clear.


Remove from heat. Add in the dissolved gelatin. Stir.

** when cool, pour into separate bowls ** add a few drops of food colouring to each bowl.

We pulled out the low "chinese" table and tried fingerpainting directly on the table as it would be easier for Moxie to reach

 Moxie, being full of moxie, took matters in her own hands


 And fingerpainted where she wanted

The floor. Of course. One reason I like to make fingerpaints myself is to be sure that when she invariably winds up with it in her mouth, I know it might be foul-tasting, but it's not toxic.


Micah ended up on the floor too

Me, I ended up with my own project. One truly delighted Mama.


Note about Mikey: he's having a rotten week. Started off with his stepping on Micah's harp and jamming a chord about an inch up his foot. Just a long, deep hole. Being 33, it's his "Jesus Year" and I couldn't stop teasing him. I finally stopped. God, I'm mean.


He actually called the doctor and had a phone appointment, then went to the hospital for a boot thing (which he tossed; said his birkenstocks are better). He also got a tetanus shot which he's reacted badly too, and is pretty solidly downing any and all leftover pain meds I have from the birth of our two children. This is why you should never, ever throw out medicine! Your husband might need it, years later!


He says he's better and well enough to try and go to the hot springs this weekend but you know... yeah... whaddya know. I won't be devastated if it doesn't happen.


Poor Mikey. Send him your healing vibes, would you? He sure needs them, having a mean wife like me.




Moving right along, the garden is yielding us some tomatoes like mad.  Good thing we are mad about tomatoes, and good thing we have a great Tomato Cookbook.


We were hanging out in the garden and I got a super cool thrill watching Moxie crawl up to a tomato plant and pick one, pop it in


The first one was green and she wasn't pleased. Then Micah taught her which ones would be tasty. 


 She picked a bunch

Headed on over to the trampoline to gently bounce and munch

I planted over 6 varieties of tomatoes - and don't really know which they were. I just know I was focusing on heirlooms

These little beauties are ripe when they are green. Mikey was the one that figured that out, and I'm so glad he did - these are the tastiest tomatoes of them all.




Supreme morsels of deliciousness, they are.

Moxie was picking more before and after trying to climb up the slide. She was even picking the honking huge reds

When Moxie was done, she was done. Headed over to the stairs, started climbing on up. And up. And up. And up. And whaddya know - she was at the top.



  Holy mackeral!




We are going HOME GROWN this week, with MAMA MERIAH art. Yup. I really wanted to send you a basket of tomatoes BUT the mail being what it is. Maybe not such a good idea. The next best thing: a picture!

Picture Stats: mixed media, 81/2 x 11. With red border (included, of course), it's 11x14. If you think it'd be fun to hang on your wall/garden shed/bath house or give to your Great Aunt, comment here or on the doozeedad facebook page - I'll give everyone a number, and will select next Friday. Comments open till then, of course.



TGIF! Have a great weekend!  

Stay tuned tomorrow: Mikey's dragging himself off the couch to share his Thin Places with you.


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