An Exercise Schedule Moms Can Stick To Day After Day

4 years ago

I was happy to receive such positive feedback on my post: Dear Treadmill: A Love Letter. I decided I would take the time this week to update you on how my workout schedule is shaping up.

For the most part, my exercise schedule goes something like this:

11 pm: I set the alarm for 6 am. I commit. I am not too tired. I give myself a pep talk. All I have to do is get up at 6 am, 3 times a week, to get back into better shape. I'll start with a walk/run in the morning before the kids get up and my husband leaves for work.

Sometime between 11 pm and 6 am: One or both children wake up once or twice. (To date, both of them haven't slept through the same night.)

6 am: Ugh. I was up in the night (insert number of times) last night, I just can't get up yet. I should be able to get both kids to nap at the same time this afternoon. I'll exercise then.

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1:30 pm: Toddler goes down for his nap.

2:30 pm: Baby goes down for his afternoon nap.

  • Option A: I look around the house and realize I really need to use the time without kids to tidy up. I clean up, do laundry and get supper started, just in time for the toddler to wake up.

  • Option B: I actually change into my workout clothes, get on the treadmill, and the toddler wakes up nice and early from his nap.

  • Option C: The baby refuses to nap.

  • Option D: Baby finally falls asleep as toddler wakes up.

Either way, I decide that it is best to exercise once the children are asleep for the night. They almost never wake up right after they go to sleep, and my husband should be home to help them if they do.

9 pm: I start to make my way to the treadmill, via the kitchen, where I stop to chat with my husband.

9:30 pm: It is too late now. I hardly want to get all sweaty and wake up at this hour. There is no way I have enough energy to work out in the evening. I know -- it is probably better if I just get up before the kids do in the morning. I only have to do that a few times a week to start to get back into shape. I'll get up at 6 tomorrow.

11 pm: Set the alarm for 6 am.

....and repeat.

Joking aside, I miss the benefits regular exercise provides. Since I can't seem to fit time in at home, I am exploring other options: like trading off with another parent every other week so we each get a chance to exercise while the other watches the children or trying out the babysitting service at my local gym.

(I don't like to share too much personal information on this blog, but before he gets criticized in the comments, my husband's work hours are generally not ones where he his home much before the kids' bedtime, which is why I don't just fit exercise in as soon as he comes home.)

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