The Engagmant....Nine Long Months

8 years ago

The Church and Hall where booked...We were officially Engaged! See, there was no engagment ring. After renting for 3 years we decided we wanted a house of our in exchange for the engagment ring I have my home, my retirement spot, and my sancutary. Although the nine months leading up to the wedding and closing of the house seemed to take forever.

We were Engaged in September. In October I had my surgery. I had cancer, so before the kemo and hysterectomy I opted for the surgical removal of it. I would know in 6 months if it worked. So I moved on with life. Mt.Man and I were okay with the thought of not having children, and even started to plan a life without them. On with the wedding planning...I had only had a Maid of Honor, and Mt.Man only had a Best Man. We shopped for the special appearal for the big day, ordered decorations and invitations, as well as finishing all the final plans.  In January I had the first of two follow up appointments before the wedding. This gave Mt. Man an out if he changed his mind, and was not okay with not having children.  Bad news, the cancer came back...but only a level 1 this time, great so there was hope.

In May we had applied for our marriage liscends, were waiting on the final closing date on the house, and I had my second appointment. Totally not good....Level 3! This was bad, very bad. Mt. Man stayed by my side and married me anyway. So here where my options...Kemo, Hysterectomy, or get pregnant and hope for a natural child birth...this would rip the cancer out. Problem with the last now I already had a couple proceedures that striped my cervix and made it completly weak, meaning..... even if the cancer hadn't spread to other parts that would make it impossible to concieve, the chance of miscarriage was high in the first trimester...possible 9 month bed rest.

So Mt.Man and I got married, and went on our honeymoon. I was going to get a second opinion right after the signing of the house, and we were not going to worry about anything until then. Needless to say we had a blast on our honeymoon. Since the wedding and house sucked all our money up, and not to mention the 2000 in car repairs just before the wedding, we were broke! So we went camping to our favorite spot for a few days just to get away. Guess what...we had the whole campground to ourselves on Lake Superior! Yeah! What a Honeymoon! When we got back the money sucking car took a poo again....time to trade it in. We bought the Jeep, and man even though it was stupid purchase I still love it. We closed on the house shortly after that, and on with our lives now.

Well 4 days after we bought and moved into the house I went for the second opinion. Well since I am a girl, and this was a girly type doc appointment they gave me a pregnancy test. Guess What.....NO KEMO, NO SURGERY, AND WERE GOING TO HAVE A CHILD! That is if I made it through the first three months. I was restricted from everything except work and very lite activities...IE NO HIKING, NO NOTHING. I sought prenatal care closer to home, and well that is another story for future posts.


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