Drownings continued...

7 years ago
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I was impressed to see so many of you read my recent entry about the two young children who drowned in California in 2007, by being left outside while the mother went inside to use the restroom.  But more importantly, it was the CPR guidelines I was happy you read about.  Knowing how to perform CPR can change the fate of a potential drowning victim in this situation.  It has been proven so many times over, as even my own son survived his plunge into the water thanks to my father's knowledge and performance of CPR.

This week, I am commiting my blog to drownings.  Not because they're so upbeat and all, but instead to dissect the  number one killer in America to children four years and younger.  As you will read this week, there are precautions that could have been made in each scenario I will be sharing, which I have no doubt would have saved these young victims lives.  Again, Prevention equals common sense and vigilance!

Today's story:

Ahwatukee, AZ - September 2008

"A three year old girl drowned in a hot tub, while swimming with other children at a family barbecue. The family was cooking outside around 7pm near the complex pool.  Several children were moving between the pool and the hot tub, and no one noticed the toddler had gotten in the hot tub until another child spotted her floating upside down."

What were the adults doing while the children were in the water?  Cooking! I'm fairly confident in suggesting that these adults didn't have their full attention on these children.  The three year old drowned in a hot tub.  That raises red flags for me!  Now assuming that the hot tub is heated, since the children were going between the pool and hot tub, this three year old victim should never have been in the hot tub.  Children under the age of five should never been in the high temperatures of a hot tub.  Their bodies aren't capable of regulating their temperature effectively as older children and adults, therefore, their organs are being slow-cooked.

Now, I don't know specifically how many children were present or the number of adults on sight. However, if just one adult made the commitment to be nearer to the children, and away from the conversation among the adults cooking, this one adult may have been more tuned into the children, noticing the silent drowning that was occuring.  This three year old child would be five years old today, and would have most recently started kindergarten. With lunch box in hand, she would be out there conquering the world...or the alphabet and science!  And what about her parents?  We must all know, as being parents ourselves, those two parents would give anything and everything  to have the opportunity to turn back the clock for just those two or three minutes of their lives.

What a tragic accident.  One that didn't need to happen.  Tomorrow, we will move into another body of water, as we seek to understand why another young toddler's life was cut short.  Until then, keep your own children safe and check out my website at: watersafewatersmart.com where you can purchase your copy of my new book titled, Water Safe!  Water Smart!  Staying alive under five and then some

-Linda Brown