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5 years ago

I'm about to spread some extremely valuable advice.  Ready?  Do not take a book obsessed toddler to church.  Oy!

We are not church goers.  To be honest I do not understand how families with little kids do it every week.  More power to you.  ::internet fist bump::

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a first holy communion.  Not being brought up Catholic I had no idea what this was, but being the once good Catholic The Mister informed me that this is when children first get to eat Jesus and drink his blood.  {In the form of what I shall call a Jez-it and wine/grape juice.}  OK so his explanation was a lot more detailed but that is what I got out of it.  I learned that the Catholic people believe that they are really eating the body and blood of Christ.  {This then led to a very detailed analogy of how that reminds me of Hannibal Lector, but I'll spare everyone that.}

A good thing about church is that I got to dress E up in her Easter dress again.  I'm all about her wearing big fancy dresses more then once.  {Although one cranky Catholic person did call me out on it and then give me a very judgmental look, which I of course returned}

This is an awesome dress to wear twice!

E is OBSESSED with books.  Book was one of her first words.  If she sees a book she must hold it and "read" it.  I can't even imagine what she would do if we went to an actual book store.  We would never be able to leave.

So we get to church, pick a pew, and E sees that there are three books in front of her.  So of course she points and says, "booooook" so I hand her a book.  There she sat looking adorable reading her bible for about three minutes until she realized that there were other books in front of her.  Rinse and repeat.

She sat happily with her three books until she stood up, looked around, and realized that there were books EVERYWHERE!  She wanted to read them all, and happily let the entire church know.  She kept repeating, "MAMA BOOOOOK, MAMA BOOOOK".  We had to walk out a few times because she was getting loud.  This church did not have a quiet room.

In fact this wasn't a very pro-baby church in my opinion.  If E started to get antsy or loud I walked her out to the lobby so that she could toddle around and get out some energy.  Well every time I walked out this old lady gave me death stares for disturbing her religious experience.  I was told that Catholic Churches tend to be more family friendly.  Someone needs to tell this old crow about that.

Every time we walked back into church she would once again let me know that she saw and wanted to "read" all the books.  Thankfully there was a nice mother and daughter behind us that would hand E their books or talk to her.  {This did not please the evil shrew in the next pew}.

Do you go to church every Sunday?  Do you have kids?  How do you do it? 

Are you children obsessed with anything?
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