Discipline and the 2 Year Old!

7 years ago
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 Milo Jekyll
Monster Hyde!

This morning I attempted to discipline Milo by threatening to turn the TV off if he chose to throw the remaining shoe in his hand (the partner shoe had just been agressively thrown halfway across the other side of the room). Milo, like most children his age allowed to watch small amounts of TV, loves it, so I thought would be the perfect threat to stop him. How wrong I was! What did Milo do? He looked at me and then, shoe in hand, walked over to the TV and turned it off himself! Erm. Not exactly what I was expecting! What was I supposed to do with that?!

Trying to discipline a two year old, I have discovered is a difficult task. Not simply because the tantrums can be so full-on but because, at least with Milo, he just doesn't seem to register that I am in fact disciplining him!

Google 'Terrible 2's' or 'disciplining a 2 year old' and you will be hit with a barrage of desperate parents crying out for help, questioning whether their children have ADHD (really!!!) and a number of forums offering advice so I am clearly far from alone with this struggle.

I have written a couple of previous posts about my ''Spirited Toddler'' and Milo's seemingly split personality ''Milo Jekyll and Monster Hyde',' and 7 months on from that last post about it we don't seem much further along. In fact it's more like we've taken some steps backwards!

Please step over to my blog to read the rest! It's worth it I promise ;)


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