Diagnosis: Spring Fever

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We get a little extra wacky around here when the weather begins to turn.  My husband and I grew up in Michigan and fled for the sunny south.  We really, really appreciate not having a white Easter".
 Signs that spring has entered our lives.
This INSANE bird comes and tries to make a mud nest over the rocking chair that I sit and drink my coffee in.  Since I cannot bring myself to take down a nest with eggs in it, I have to wage a daily war, everyday. I tried a hose to no avail.  I finally took a VERY scary garbage bag and put it on a pole and shoved it up in the preferred corner.  The wind shakes the plastic and it's quite effective.  Six years of beating down the bird with my clever brain, (so proud to be smarter than a bird brain).  Six years of it circling my head squaking at me.  How long do birds live? We all have to look at a pole for two weeks with a trash bag on it but better than bird poo on my head and in my coffee.
It's warm out but the neighborhood pool isn't open.
The boys start out fishing
but then want to go
 They want to keep the turtles...


...then we have have baby turtles all over the house.
Then I tell them to take the baby turtles back to the pond to their mothers.
Then they tell me they are reptiles and reptiles don't hang around with their mom's after they are born.
Then I end up with crying children who wish they were reptiles.
We all feel like this
from the pollen.
Lilly heads on over to
"Mama Abbie's Day Spa"
for a spring haircut.


"Mama Abbie's Day Spa"
thinks its funny to
shave bloomers on the dog.
The dog thinks it is not funny.
No one loves a stupid looking dog
 with bloomers shaved in.
Lilly hides until it grows out.
She wishes she was a reptile too.
I cannot stop thinking about planting 
and flowers and trimming shrubs 
and planting peppers 
and flower pot color schemes 
and herbs and...
...I stop putting on makeup and don't care what I wear.
I am pretty sure there is a reptile is living in my hair.

-Abbie, All that makes you...

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