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Let me introduce you to today's Grand Ideas' feature. She is the loving grandmother of 4 precious grandchildren who affectionately call her DeeDee and granddad is called Poppie. Her daughter, Staci, is the mom of the oldest "baby angels" who are Ethan - 12 and Sierra - 10. Corey, her son, is dad to Alexi who is 8 and the youngest is Mallori who is 4 years old. 


DeeDee is fortunate enough to have 2 of the 4 living in the same city with her. Ethan and Sierra are close so she gets to see them often, but she wishes her Ohio girls (pictured above) lived closer. 

"They are precious girls that like princesses, playing dress up,  jewelry and dance lessons."

Loving Girls



At first glance at the picture above, I thought perhaps Mallori had beheaded one of her Barbie's, but no!  It is much sweeter than that. She had all of her beautiful curls cut off and donated them to someone who might need them more than she did. Joy unspeakable.



And, who would think that one of these princesses could destroy a brand new flat screen television? On the day that it was set up, while, playing with a "flying toy," Alexi accidentally hit the screen and it cracked. With tongue in cheek, DeeDee inquired of her son, "Is Alexi still alive?" Found hiding in her room, Alexi told her grandmother, "my daddy is real mad at me, so I'm staying in here." I must report that there was no harm done to said child during the filming of this story. ;)

Alexi is alive and well and awaiting the arrival of her cousins and grandparents this summer. DeeDee and Poppie are planning a trip to Ohio to spend a few days with all the kids before school starts. DeeDee says that all are very excited about this trip.

"Ethan and Sierra will be traveling with us so we can all be together.  We will have a crew with all of them, but, fun for all.  All 4 of them have summer birthdays, so lots of pictures will be taken for sure. A birthday party will be planned by my son so the kids will love that.  And as a special treat, we will be going to the American Girl doll store to have tea for their birthdays."


"We enjoy taking them everywhere we can.  We go to our place at the lake, they are like fish - never get tired of the water. And they enjoy ice skating here at our local mall.

I can see why Ethan likes the lake!

Ethan's Big Catch

Funny sayings are many!  

"They make you laugh constantly at this age. My grandson, Ethan, is a character!  He told me once, you are getting more wrinkles and spots on your hands Deedee..but they still look okay.  Haha!  Thanks Ethan!"


And one priceless quote from Ethan,  "Who will want to date me first, DeeDee?  You or my mom?  


"Sierra recently attended a funeral and so I asked her after it was over if it was sad. She replied nonchalantly, "no, not really. It was kind of boring." 

I always tell them I hate the summer they call winter time 'Deedee season'.  They are all such a joy to my heart.  They are very caring children and have wonderful parents guiding them the right way.  I am truly blessed ."


Yes, she is and so are we to hear her story. The Grand Ideas from this post are:

  • Travel to see those who live out of town as often as possible.
  • Trips with all the grandchildren keep the family involved and cousins close to each other. A big bite for grandparents, I'd say, but one this family deems important.
  • Embrace their hobbies as your own. Tea parties, playing dress-up and fishing together, conveys the message, "I'm interested in you."
  • Generosity is taught by giving. (Giving your curls away at the age of 4, shows a heart full of grace and love for others.)
  • Repeat their priceless quotes often so neither of you forget them.
  • Be thankful for their innocence when funerals are seen as boring.
  • Kiss your son/daughter when they don't "kill" the children after destruction of property.
  • Who says that a special time with daddy has to be  "girls date night only?" Date night with Mom or a grandparent can be just as sweet for a boy.
  • The hugs in this post speak for themselves.

What are some of your grand ideas? How do you stay close with grandchildren who live out of town?

A very special thank you to DeeDee, aka Kathy and her precious daughter, Staci. I met Staci through The Model Connection with my Fashion Friday posts and loved her immediately. It is no wonder that her family would be darling, too!

Charming Charlie


Thanks so much for reading,

Kim @ CoziNest

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