Dead dogs and daffodils ..... and cake

5 years ago

What ho! What the blazes has been going on in Oxfordshire, old chap? I hear you cry.

Well, last weekend, it was 'daffodil day', that's what. Now daffodil day is an annual tradition upheld by the landed gentry in the locale of my village, Forest Hill. Basically, the Lord of manor invites all the local peasantry (like me) to his stately home for the afternoon to view the amazing displays of Spring daffodils.

Despite the fact that once you have seen one daffodil, the rest are pretty samey, it is still a lovely community event. And it raises a lot of money for the upkeep of the local church, to which the Lord belongs. I'm not a member though, nor am I religious. But I probably would be if being religious didn't involve getting up early on a Sunday. Plus I think hymns are a bit boring. They should maybe introduce some hardcore breaks to mash 'em up a little. Or throw in a bit of darkside jungle to spice up the mix.

Anyway, I digress, back to my afternoon out at Shotover House. As I mentioned, it is a friendly community event and virtually everyone from the villages attends. And here are some pictures for you.

Pic.No.1 The entrance to Shotover House. This is where you get your first glimpse of daffodils (on the right hand side)


Pic.No.2 I have to say that Izzy wasn't particularly interested in the daffodils. Someone had told her that cake was being sold at Shotover House, and she was focussed on the prize. So we made our way to the cake stall at the back of the house (pictured above). I figured that if I plied her with cake, I could bribe her to like daffodils (no flies on me although you can see where they've been)
Pic.No.3 It was £1.50 for a large slice of cake and a cup of tea. Bargain. I ordered 'walnut and coffee' (right) and Izzy predictably ordered chocolate cake. She loves chocolate she does. Where she has got that from, I have no idea. I can't stand the stuff
Pic.No.3 Izzy nicked some of the icing from the top of my cake and it was caught on camera
Pic.No.4 What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than chilling in the sunshine after scoffing a cake as big as your head? Actually, if they sold 'beer and cake' for £1.50, that would have pipped it to the post


Pic.No.5 A mouldy plantpot


Pic.No.6 Izzy didn't want to lounge around for long because she is a kid, and they have the attention span of a gnat. So I decided that we were going to walk around the grounds of Shotover and that Izzy was going to enjoy it. In the picture above, there is a folly in front of a lake


Pic.No.7 This is Izzy next to the lake and some brown crispy grass
Pic.No.8 Then we happened upon this. It is only a dog's graveyard. And there was a stone with the names of all the dead mutts on it. I fleetingly wondered if I could sneak NG in there, but then the thought passed, so he is safe


Pic.No.9 Totally gnarly dude


Pic.No.10 Given that it was daffodil day, Izzy got totally into taking pictures of daffodils. This one was yellow with a green stalk


Pic.No.11 This one was yellow with an orange middle bit and a green stalk


Pic.No.12 Bet you can't guess what this is?


Pic.No.13 Yup. Another flock of daffodils


Pic.No.14 They sure were pretty ....... drifting through the bare woodland as I wondered lonely as a cloud

Pic.No15 This is Izzy perfecting her skills behind the camera


Pic.No.16 Ooooh looky here. Guess what the bloody hell I found?


Pic.No.17 This dog statue was situated under a tree in the foresty bit of the gardens. I don't know what it's name was, but if it was my dog I would have called it Raggy


Pic.No.18 Woo hoo, cop a load of this if you thought you had already seen a lot of daffs ...... Also as you can imagine, I had to coax Izzy in front of the lens


Pic.No.19 This is Izzy looking all dreamy and interesting. Straight afterwards she said "can I 'ave more cake?" which shattered the illusion somewhat


Pic.No.20 I have a challenge for you - What the bloody hell are these? They were randomly situated throughout the wooded areas of the Shotover grounds


Pic.No.21 They differed in design slightly, but always had three legs, a barrel and a spring hanging down underneath. I was perplexed

All in all, it was a rather lovely afternoon and the sun stayed out for the entire time. Spring is ace - my favourite time of year.

So what have you been up to today dahlink?

Annie (Lady M) x

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