Date Night? More Like "Boring Me To Death" Night

3 years ago

Dear TMH,

I love my husband dearly, but our lives have gotten so boring. We are trying to save money, which does not make for fun, romantic date nights. What can we do to bring some fun back into our lives? Because watching "Homeland" isn't cutting it. Our sex life is fine. It's the rest of the time that seriously needs help.


Living in Dullsville

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Dear Living In Dullsville,

Boy, did you come to the right person for advice, Boring Girl, because I've been married for 21 years and every night at home with my husband is like a scene out of either "The Great Gatsby" or the Burning Man Festival. Seriously, our evenings with each other are so wild and crazy that we usually have to sleep in until at least noon the next day and get IV drips to recover. And don't even get me started on our date nights out of the house because you couldn't handle even listening to what we do. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT'S EXCITING ENOUGH TO BE ILLEGAL IN TEXAS AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOTHING IS ILLEGAL IN TEXAS.

I'm probably lying about everything up there.

In fact, as I'm sure you've already figured out, my husband and I don't do anything that raises our pulse very much at all. Because no couple could sustain that level of excitement, especially at our age when we get winded just typing quickly. (Actually, BRB, because I need a Gatorade and a nap.)

The key thing about your date nights together is this word: together. I fully subscribe to the belief that anything can be fun if you decide it's going to be fun. Go to the mall and walk around window shopping. Hang out in a dive bar at happy hour. Check your newspaper for free or cheap community events. Invite friends over for a potluck. Get out the stupid board games and play drunk Scrabble. Drive around looking at Christmas lights. Just be open to doing anything and take turns choosing the activity. And remember that the important thing is that you're doing it with each other.

Even if it's legal in Texas.

Have fun,

Wendi, TMH


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