Call to Moms: Make an Effort with Your Appearance

4 years ago

I love everything about being a mom except the lack of time I have for myself! There have been countless books, stories, blogs, etc. in regards to this topic, but I want to share all the little details that most of us mommies don't discuss. Like the other day, I went shopping for some quick groceries for dinner and didn't take enough time to look in the mirror. Had I done so, I would have realized that I had finger paint in my hair and on my face.

This was part of my 3-year-old's art project from that afternoon.

Why do we give ourselves permission to be lazy, frumpy and an all around bum once we enter motherhood? It was never okay to wear your hair up all day, every day before, or live in sweat pants, not shower for two days or walk around with a major wedgie and not care! We stop wearing make-up because it takes too long, we don't style our hair because of the elements and the kids are just going to ruin it and we don't wear nice clothing anymore because the baby is going to spit up on them.

Credit: stormofgenius.

I recently went for a pedicure after two years( keep in mind I used to get one every month before kids), and the nail technician told me my feet looked like I had been walking on gravel for a week. OUCH what an insult! I used to have great feet; I used to wear high heels and open toed shoes and I used to like the way I looked.

That was the defining moment I realized I suck! Who am I? What do I stand for? Of course, I love my children and would do anything for them, but they don't define me. I am a human being as well and I need to look like one.

So here is my proposal to all of you fabulous moms out there: Continue to be a great mom, but make the effort to look like you feel on the inside. Take 10 minutes in the morning to tidy your hair and another 10 minutes to put on some make-up. Take 5 minutes the night before to pick out a comfortable and stylish outfit, wear some perfume, wear heels, carry a purse, smile at people more and know that you are beautiful! Be confident and strong, because mothers are amazing and have the ability to transform as they need to meet the needs of others as well as themselves.

If you have been meaning to change your hair color/style, lose some weight, try a new lipstick, put on a skirt, finally shave your legs after 2 months -- then JUST DO IT! You will feel fantastic and as a result, you will be a happier and a stronger role model for your little munchkins.

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