The Crab Claw

3 years ago

When I saw this email from BlogHer about “Make Life Work”, the first thing that came to my mind was sharing the experience I'm having right now with whom we have named, "The Crab".

Having a small marketing firm that give services regionally to Latin America, we deal with many cultural and language challenges. With time we have learned about every country’s way of doing marketing.

I can say that typically these are very nice experiences, and we usually have very good relationship with everyone; however we sometimes have what we call 'those cases'.

working-mom-top-firms.jpgThis is Monica's agency, a "girl's kingdom", because I like to empower women at work. Maybe because I struggled in the past, I raise my son by myself, and things were not always easy. Because I have dealt with the house, the job, the boss, my son, etc., etc., etc., all at the same time.

I could have spent all night long typing our adventures with this company and this little "Crab". But that isn't what I want to share here.

What I want to come to is that companies are made by people, and we people have the power to make them great companies to work at, or the worst places.

We called this person "The Crab" because same as a crab in a bucket; he will step on everyone, and harm everyone just to stand out and be in the spotlight.

Since the very beginning this person tried to manipulate us against other areas' people, his own coworkers. He tried to minimize their effort and work just to be the owner of the project and supposedly, 'the star'.

This is a person who asked me to 'manipulate and make up' the information I was delivering to his boss to make him look as the hero, and the one making everything happen. Someone I would call corrupted, who tried to make me jump on the fences and policies of his company to satisfy his ego; even if this meant we would be blamed of being unprofessional. Jeopardizing and harming the good image and name of my company and my own name, and of course, we would be in risk of losing the client right after finishing the project the way he wanted.

When he realized we wouldn't support his corruption and dirty game, he declared himself as our enemy, he became poisonous, he tried to make our work look really bad; he even sabotaged some of our work. I found the way to turn things around being professional and doing always our best. So far, we have won this battle, and the funniest thing is that we aren't competing!

Oh no! We are CREATING! While he tries to destroy, we add, and give our best and a little more, always. While he criticizes, we give new ideas to make the project flow in a better way and improve the results. In a word we CREATE!

The marketing people, who know him enough, have supported us as they have realized this difference between his destructive competition and our creative team work.

But let's analyze this situation.

This is a good company with good positive people willing to work as a team, but there in Mexico City they have this person spoiling many of the good things they do.

I have turned to myself, and I have asked myself about the lesson.

What do I have to learn?

This has been an experience where I have put all my patience and prudence, additional to the professionalism. This has been a test and a challenge for me as a person, as a woman who finds it hard to deal the "Macho" attitude.

But also I have been thinking about the huge responsibility we all women have on this.

Yes, us!

Why us? Because we are the source and the foundation of everyone in this world.

They say: "Behind a great man, there is always a great woman." I would add "perhaps two women".

We ought to be very careful and responsible about the way we educate our children. Let's make them team players instead of crabs in a bucket trying to step on the others in order to stand out.

Let's teach our children that real recognition comes when doing things right. Let's make them strong and self confident, but also respectful, not only of the women but of every single living thing.

It's true that companies sometimes find the way to take our lives and we can't have the quality life we would like to have. However, if we go deep to the source, it all starts at home, when the men and women working out there were raised.

It is proven that workers who can relax, and live their personal lives freely with love, intensity and respect from their employers give better results.

My final message would be to stop competing and start creating. This is for you entrepreneur, our team is our greatest asset, all those computers and systems won't create themselves, they need the people behind, so we must give them worth, empower them and encourage them in their personal growth.

Monica Paul

Magic Masterminds & Marcomtec

www.magicmasterminds. com

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