Could There Be More To Say About Money?

5 years ago

Money is an interesting thing, isn't it?  We all have to have it to live.  We are defined by whether we are a 'have' or a 'have not'.  You can say this isn't true but when is the last time we had a president in this country that worked at the local grocery store.  Where do the homeless really live?  How many of us line up at the local Walmart for our piece of the pie on payday?

Non-verbal clues send endless messages about who and what we are based on money.  What kind of house do you live in?  What kind of car do you drive?  We ate here and you ate there! Some years back, an associate and I had finished a seminar on Perception Leads to Judgment.  We met for breakfast the next morning and over his cereal and juice he made the remark "That's where the poor people eat.”  Couldn't believe it!  In shock, I responded  "You've got to be kidding and after our seminar."  I swear to you the man turned pink as pink could be.   As I looked around I could not figure out what tool he was using to make that judgment.  We all have our own 'tools of judgment' as we evaluate the 'havers' and the 'not havers'. 

Verbal clues are sometimes not as obvious.  A family member talks constantly about how broke they are and yet their income is in the six figure category.  They take multiple trips per year. They dine out at very nice places. And they generally enjoy a very nice lifestyle.  Sometimes, I wonder if using phrases like'....  I can't 'afford it' to 'we don't have any money' are handy excuses for not being comfortable with what one does have.  That is the tricky thing about money.  It all depends on your perception.  Some feel guilty they have it, some think they are 'cool' and others spend endless time contemplating about getting some of 'it'.  Others, may steal, cheat and embezzle as way of accumulating.  For some, money is a motivator and others it is simply a by product of hard work.  I am sure you all have experiences and thoughts of your own.

There have been times in the past; I have felt frustrated and not appreciated. Two scenarios come into my awareness. First, I’m sure you have all had the experience of loaning money and when push comes to shove, they start the avoidance game.  Second, you borrow and you begin playing the 'guilt game' neatly wrapped in the 'what's wrong with me' scenario. 

Now that I have come into this little bit of awareness, I can see that I am going to have to make some changes surrounding my belief in money.  I was raised to believe that people with Money didn't love God.  Well, I may not be religious but I am certainly spiritual.  It is time to put some of jaded beliefs aside. 

Ah...being forced to face money issues sooner than expected.  Isn’t that the usual scenario?

Another thought occurs…it appears that when I am about to make some sort of transformation of thought, there is some sort of chaotic influx of “Oh, No! Not this again.”  Energy driven sagas accumulate like the last resistance and last hurrah to old worn out thought patterns. 

Unexplained events occurring! Checking account errors usually not made; tax refunds mysteriously held up and money owed to me delayed.  I think of it as a spiritual healing crisis.  I continue… to regress or to stall would be saying in action, “No thank you.” to the creator within.  I wonder what events will stream forth on this new bit of self-awareness?  I look forward to the adventure or should I say avalanche of adventures.

Next?  Blog of Prosperity.  What does that exactly mean? 











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