Couch 2 5k- Day 1

8 years ago
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Today was my first day running out of my own free will. Strangly enough, I was nervous. You know how it feels when you are leaving on an airplane in the morning and you don't want to miss the flight? You end up waking up in five minute increments throughout the night until you realize you have had no sleep and it's time to get up. I have chosen to run early in the morning before I have to get the kids up for school (at least for the next week until summer vacation). Unfortunately, I dont have anyone to run with here since my husband has to make sure someone is with the kids. I will call it 'me time' and be glad.

It's funny, the things that go through a beginning runner's brain before they set out that first morning.

  • First of all- it's chilly outside. I live in Oregon- not the Carolinas, do I wear shorts or sweats? Should I wear a sweater? Would it be stupid if I put my hoodie over my hat? Does it really matter that my sweat pants say 'SEXY' in rhinestones on the back? Do I really want that attention? Should I wear short socks or long- I'm always seeing people wearing short, what's up with that?
  • Should I brush my teeth? Afterall- even I dont want to tolerate my morning dragon mist blowing back at me as I huff down the sidewalk. Does it matter if it's minty fresh toothpaste or should I go with something bitter & gritty to play in genre with how I feel about running?
  • Should I eat something first or will that upset my stomach? What about coffee? No? Yeah, you are probably right- bad idea. *sigh*

I got on my scale to see what we were dealing with. Yesterday it said 145, this morning it says 153.8. It's a stupid liar (and yes, devil, I rebuke you in the Lord's name) so Im seriously debating buying four of those things and then returning the ones that lie the most. Okay, now I know I am somewhere between 145 and 154 and that seems ridiculous to me (now that I think of this, Im debating doing a second weigh in again to see what it says).

For those of you, like myself, who are considering running but have never done it- I have some things to tell you.

  • If you have kids and are choosing a time when you can run when it's quiet, and you will be alone ready to run on clouds and come back feeling refreshed, it may or may not happen. As I tip-oed past all the kid's bedrooms this morning, and went down the stairs, I heard the faint lull of the television set. There, pretending to be half awake, was Abigail (11) watching some infomercial (probably because the remote was lost) and Eva Bella (4) asleep at her side.  There was no way I was going to be able to sneak out of the house this morning. "Mom- where are you going and why do you have 'S-E-X-Y' on your bottoms?" That's when I ask her why she is up at 5:30am watching TV and to get her dairyaire into her bed pronto. This is my only pair of sweats, sorry- I'm ill prepared. But yes- my mental image of leaving the house without a run-in was also somewhat unrealistic.
  • When you are running, they are not all staring at you. Well, if you have a signifacnt amount of weight to lose they may be looking at you, but no more than you probably are used to. Anyway, they are driving to work and get to spend the next half an hour or more in traffic or pay for gas or maybe they didnt eat breakfast- so have pity for those poor motorist who pass you as you run/walk and just think- I'm blessed to be here!
  • You will probably feel your fat bounce as you run. Consider this free entertainment. Other people can't really see this animated fat motion like you can feel it, so just pretend that it's getting looser and looser as you run and and that someday you are going to look back and say, "Oh, did I just drop my fat on the ground? Oh well, Im already half a mile away already, no point in going back to pick it up..."
  • You may get landscaping ideas. There might be some nice foliage that sparks an interest, as you run in your neighborhood. Or, thee may be a huge branch blocking your way across the sidewalk. You might even consider bringing pruning shears on your next run.
  • This is supposed to get better. Just remember that. There are all these addicted people running everywhere because it makes them high and they had to start somewhere, right?

So now I need to pick my wheezy body up off my writing chair, and go wake up the kids for school. If you would like to know more about the program I am following, please visit

-Jyn Meyer


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