Contemplating Generosity and Gratitude: The Day a Homeless Man Gave My Daughter Goldfish Crackers

6 years ago
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No, she wasn't hungry. She had a snack in hand when we got on the bus last Thursday.

We were going downtown to meet friends for the afternoon. L. was excited about riding the bus (she always is) and was waving and saying hello to all the other passengers as we found our seats.

We sat down in the first empty row, directly in front of a man who appeared to be homeless. He was wearing several layers of dirty clothing and had longish hair. A large backpack and sleeping roll were on the seat next to him. He fit the stereotypical image of a homeless man.

L. waved at the man and he waved back. She grinned. He told me she had a beautiful smile. I thanked him. We both laughed for a minute as L. continued grinning and chanting, "we're riding the bus!"

A few seconds later I heard him ask, "Can she have these?"

He held out a small, individual package of goldfish crackers. I hesitated...

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