Color Me Shocked

3 years ago


 It doesn't happen often, but I was rendered speechless by the reply I got from the owner of that kiddie haircut place.  Speechless.

 Check this out, it's amazing.


Good Afternoon Snarky Momma,

 First off, allow me apologize for the delay in response, my family has been recovering from a virus.  

 My wife "Wifey" and I read your email which provided feedback on the experience your family had at our salon this past Friday; it pained my heart.  I say this not only as the salon owner, but because I too have a son who is turning three come July, his name is “My Little Guy”…short for Owner Jr.   He being so dear to my heart, I have not the words to express how Blessed we feel to have 4 equally wonderful and uniquely different young children. 

 You are also a parent, so I do not need to elaborate further.  Your sons My Little Guy and My Big Guy are innocent and perfect.  

 After having these 4 healthy children, who are such gifts, Ashley and I would do everything in our power to keep them healthy, both physically and emotionally. 

 If I were to ever bring Owner Jr or his brother or sisters to any establishment…and have an employee refer to one of my children as a naughty, fussy, or not a nice boy/girl….I would do more than just send a strongly wording email.   It would fall into a category beyond unacceptable. 

 We are a family of 6, our oldest is Eldest age 5, Second Eldest age 3, Owner Jr is 2, and our baby Baby just turned one.    We value ALL children, respect them as precious gifts, will cherish, and always protect them in every way possible.  That commitment stretches from good customer service to future adoption.  

 My wife and I opened Haircut Establishment together, we committed ourselves to providing a level of service that would be “Best in Class”.  This after visiting competitors, both in Chicago and in Dallas, and seeing these chain in kid cutterys dealing in volume only, offering no personal customer experience except for TVs and toys to cover every inch.  It’s what we came into this to try and change.    

 I write you this because omitting who we are as loving parents as it applies to our family owned business would make any attempt at an apology hollow and futile. In comparison to what was said to JJ there are no words that I can convey which would express the remorse we have for our employee’s words that day.   I am truly sorry Snarky Momma, to you and to My Little Guy, also My Big Guy as well…as that is his little brother who was misspoken to on Friday.

 his salon is our life and livelihood. It is the food and shelter I give to my family.  We have risked all and I will not allow failure to affect my families future for the likes of an employee who cannot practice patience after a long day.  There are changes we are making at both salons (the kiddie and the adult version), these as the result to lessons learned in the past 5 months since grand opening.  One being a “free till its fixed” policy to address any service complaint.  I will not accept the fact that a salon cannot be 100% error free in service, so until we reach that goal all recuts are free.   

 More crucial than the service itself is the customer service, and something that until today I could not imagine addressing.  The Haircut Establishment will have a zero tolerance for the type of behavior exhibited to your child as explained in your email.  I must add, it was written in a to the point, yet polite and respectful fashion.  I could not practice such restraint. 

 I want to say with sincerity, that I am truly sorry for what our employee said to your son JJ.  My apology will not be limited to words alone, and you have our assurance that there will be action behind this so no child is ever spoken to inappropriately again.   It will be a salon violation that will carry immediate termination.


I have never received such a heartfelt, honest reply to a complaint in my life. I'm blown away. And frankly, it worked - we will give this place another try.

 Most impressive Mr. Owner.  Most impressive indeed.


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