Coed or single-sex camp?

4 years ago

What's right for your child?

With more than 12,000 resident camps in the United States, it's not an easy task to decide. One easy way to narrow down is to decide between a coed and single-sex camp. Here are  questions to ask yourself.

For boys

1. Is your son very involved with sports? Most single-sex camps focus heavily on sports. However, there are also boys camps that are geared to children who love outdoor adventure. Check out

2. Does your child thrive on competition? Generally speaking, all-boys camps are more competitive. However, ask the director about the level of competition. Some camps have tryouts for teams, whereas others do not.

3. Does your son get embarrassed in front of girls? If this is the case, an all-boys camp might be the right place for your son to feel at ease.

For girls

1. Is it important to have a lot of girl bonding? All girls camps really evoke a sense of sisterhood.

2. Is your daughter boy-crazy? If so, as a parent, you may want to limit your daughter's interaction with the boys--to show her that she can have fun with the girls. That said, there will be socials.

3. Is your daughter shy in front of boys? If your daughter will be more comfortable not trying to look just right for the boys, maybe an all-girls camp is for her. On the other hand, if you want her to become more at ease around boys, perhaps co-ed is the way to go.

A compromise: Brother/Sister camps offer the best of both worlds. The girls or boys are on their own during the day, but at night (or on a few nights), the boys and girls come together.

For a brother/sister camp on one campus, check out:

Or to see The Camp Insider's Best All-Boys Camps/ Best All-Girls Camps, visit:

Wherever you end up, if you have concerns about social interactions between the sexes, ask the following:

How often do boys and girls see each other at camp?

Are the electives co-ed or single sex?

Are trips co-ed or single sex?

What are the night-time activities like?

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