A Close Call

7 years ago


Yesterday, the cool parent kept Kayden home again so they could have another father-son day. No big deal. It’s kind of funny how I am cool with being The Enforcer, this week and just last week I was complaining about not being fun. I see why I need to be.

When Mr. Sowell is home with the kids, Kayden is the only one allowed to roam while the two older ones are sectioned off in their respected chill spots. Imagine my surprise when I walked in lats night to see Kayden and my kitchen floor, covered with cleaning supplies!!! I was literally shocked. To answer your quick questions, no the cabinets are not locked. I know, who doesn’t lock the cabinets? I really figured since he was 3, he knew not to go in the cabinets. I mean he understands everything else and to be quite honest, I just thought he knew. I never told him not to, I just thought he got that part.

He sprayed everything, everywhere and his jeans were covered in Counter Magic. This could have gone terribly wrong. I could have walked in to him passed out on the floor. I am grateful it didn’t. I am writing about it in case you like me, think they are so advanced for their age that they would “get it”.

Mr. Sowell was naturally pissed and I am glad we didn’t do the blame thing but I will say that I think he should be more aware of Kayden’s whereabouts in the house. I am responsible for not putting  the locks on the cabinets but he can’t just be allowed to roam freely. I get it now, he is still a curious child and this time it may be the cleaning supplies, next time it could be something worse.

In addition to putting locks on the cabinet doors, I am thinking I may need to put a gate or lock at the top of the steps because right now, everything in the house is dangerous. I asked Kayden if he drank any of it and he said yes so I made sure to flush his system with water. I also contacted my Poison Control Center today to make sure I did everything correctly. The agent informed me that the products I use (I had to tell her what it was) are deemed safe-ish, in that, they aren’t the harshest chemicals. I suggested using the above Mr. Yuck stickers but she said kids tend to be more attracted to these stickers so locks work best. Oh and keeping an eye on your kids. Hmmppph. Can’t argue with that.

I learned about this today, Ipecac, which is in most First Aid kits. This syrup is a medicine that makes kids throw up and get the poison out of their stomachs.


If you were like me, change your method of thinking. Just because they talk smart, doesn’t mean they know it all. Shame on me.

Mrs. Sowell


~Life is good and we are doing so well!~

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