Child sleeps well? Try these tips!

3 years ago

Congratulations! Your child (baby / toddler) has started regularly sleeping through the night. He is happy and you feel great!

Recently though, when you are out with fellow moms, you are concerned you are lacking a connection with them. They lament over toddler midnight wake ups or babies waking every 3 hours to eat. They sound, and look...tired.

Want to join them? Try these tips, sure to interrupt your child's 10-12 hour of shut-eye in an instant.

1) Exit the house for the evening before the child goes to bed.
A new person putting the baby down while you are in the popcorn line at the theatre across town, is sure to prevent him from going to sleep. If he cries, it may even prompt a call from the sitter requiring you to leave before you discover who Batman's alter ego is. This ending is sure to include a tired baby and no popcorn.

2) Have a glass of wine, or two. Stay up late watching your favourite movie on Netflix.
In my experience, nothing guarantees an early morning wake up better than me going to bed late.

3) Make important plans with lots of people you know, for the morning.
Made of Honour in your sister's wedding and toddler is the flower girl? That should bring on a night of requests to use the bathroom, get a glass of water, sleep with the door open, the door closed, the blanket on, off, on...

4) Have a long day of travel planned.
Driving 7 hours to your mom's for Thanksgiving? A six-hour plane ride to vacation in Mexico? They know. Your child, who has never wet her bed or had a bad dream EVER, most definitely will do both the night before a long trip where you need to be alert and they need to be rested.

5) Schedule a big presentation at work / or an important personal meeting for first thing in the morning, so you need to be up early to get ready for the day and to prepare.
Whenever you need to be up early, you emit a beacon noise that draws toddlers into your bed. They simply won't sleep unless they cuddle with you in your bed. Which is great, until your beeping alarm goes off at 5 am and you now have to get ready and prep with a very tired toddler in tow.

I have been warned that one day I'll be yelling at my teenaged boys to, "get out of bed already". I doubt it; I plan to  use the time to catch up on all those Netflix shows I've missed.


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