Cheers to 2014!!!

3 years ago

To be honest, I've never really made any New Year resolutions. I'm constantly creating and checking things off all kinds of lists (mainly those in post-it form!).

This past year has been one of the busiest yet and I've been compiling a list of "things I would like to see change" in 2014. I'm surprised my head could hold this much information without having to jot it down on my go-to white pad of paper.

Here we go & here's to making changes!


1| Simple Living

Everything I'm drawn towards lately has simplicity written all over it. Cooking, decorating, cleaning & routines. I want to take life back to the way it's supposed to be, simple.


2| Family Time

Now that Sofia is getting older there are so many traditions I want to start with her. One thing we are starting is a "holiday box," each holiday I'm packing up an outfit, jams & color coordinated goodies to gift her. I want her to grow up and tell everyone she has the most kick a** family.


3| Banishing the Negativity

Only keeping positive people & positive thoughts in my life.


4| Getting Organized

We keep a pretty clean house but if you open our closets you'd think we were hoarders. In an effort to keep the visible living area clean, I usually just toss whatever I find into the nearest closet. No more chucking in 2014, I'm getting baskets for each of us to put our junk in, then it either gets thrown in the trash or put somewhere.


5| Celebrate Life

I'm a total ocd, high stress, high strung & should probably be on Xanax everyday type of girl. In 2014 I would like to let that go & CELEBRATE this beautiful life I've been given. I often get wrapped up in stress and forget that there are blessing all around, so lately, when I feel overwhelmed, I've started to count my blessings & it's an instant attitude changer!


6| Random Wishes

- I hope to wash my face more at night, it's incredible how lazy I am. These wipes are my go to nightly cleaner, which you think would be easy enough but evidently I'm just that lazy!

- Fingers crossed I have time to take more baths. Before Sofia, I took a bath every single night, with these salts & it was so relaxing.

- Paint my nails every week & remove chipped polish immediately (not 2 weeks later!)

- Put laundry away out of the dryer, it usually sits on our closet floor for at least a week.

- Try new craft beers. Mike & I have been getting into microbrews lately.

- Better time management & staying on task. Damn IG gets me every time!


7| Love

My last wish is to keep raising Sofia to be the most loving, caring & wildly eccentric little girl that she is! I hope that her personality continues to bloom & that she has a life full of positivity, love & happiness. And if she decides to wipe her own ass in 2014, that would be a total win.

I hope to continue celebrating this incredible life Mike and I have made together & we can't wait to see what all the New Year brings to us!


We're off to the Sunshine State this week. Posts may be sporadic but if you want to follow along, you can keep up with us on Instagram @megawat


Wishing you all the happiest New Year & hope that 2014 has big plans for each and every one of you!

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