Chanuka VI: Boxing Day

8 years ago

In Canada, Boxing Day is the big sale
day. Which basically means "great" deals and a lot of crowded malls and
pushing and shoving. In other words, not my scene. My mom and my sis are big
shoppers. They can spot a deal a mile away and "shop till they drop".
Me, I'd rather be sitting in a quiet corner of the bookstore with a
coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. I hate crowds, I hate
shopping, it's just not for me.

Unfortunately, we don't always
get what we want, do we? Because of the turmoil of the last three
weeks, I was not able to complete the Christmas shopping. So, now that
we are finally returning to our lives and friends... well, you can't
exactly do that empty handed, now can you?

I was on a mission:
Operation Get In and Out of the Mall as Quickly as F***ing Possible.
Sis came over to help me out (Thank you sis!!! You rule!). She went to
our favourite bookstore so that Peanut could play with the trains while
I braved the Boxing Day madness. I streamlined the mission. One
children's store, for the kids' gifts, then off to the Customer Service
Kiosk for gift cards for the adults. I was in and out in under an hour
(which, if you've ever braved Boxing Day Hell is probably a record).

we're off to see some very dear friends. I realized today that I have
not cooked dinner all week long. Between MIL and my friends, they have
all kept me very well-fed... I'm a very lucky woman. I'm also extremely
full! I think tonight will be an early night.

But hey, did you know that there was a THIRD Chanukah song? Huh, neither did I... it's good though, enjoy ;)

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