Car Washing With Boys...

4 years ago
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Michael tries to partake in father son time after work while Cooper loves to be outside and be daddy's little clone.  Today in particular, father son time turned from washing cars with daddy to solely washing daddy.

IMG_5876 "Whoops!"

Michael pausing to catch his breath and figure out what just happened.

IMG_5877 "Seriously, what just happened?!"

The fun in the sun car washing experience was the perfect idea on a hot day with the house doors locked. It's funny that these "activities" take place right after the floor gets mopped. Wet grass is no bueno on mopped floors. That'd drive anyone batty. So I locked them out! :)

Cooper soaked just as much as daddy but can't keep his shorts up!

IMG_5881 Ready- Aim- FIRE!!!



This was quite the experience to watch unfold before my very own eyes while listening to the commentary take place. Cooper using his vast vocabulary trying to piece together sentences that make no sense while Michael tries to explain to Cooper to point the hose at the car while getting sprayed directly in the face. Laughter partakes on both ends. Michael proceeds to walk closer to take the hose from Cooper while getting soaked yet again. The laughter eggs Cooper on just leaving for a wet, sloppy mess.

Pretty funny if you ask me....