A Call to Action: Let's Turn the Negatives into a Positive

5 years ago

no miss bimbo by Elaine Griffin DesignsRemember my Miss Bimbo post from last week? Well, I can't let it go. I keep thinking about how I mention to Miss Bimbo, "You have a forum where you could actually do good. You could have real conversations about fashion and self-esteem, and make positive impressions. But instead you choose to perpetuate the hate and negativity that is plaguing our youth." And guess what? I'm no better, just sitting around complaining and DOING NOTHING.

I hate it, by the way, when people do that, and believe me, I'm surrounded by it. So I'm seriously seriously hating myself for making a bunch of proclamations - bitching, if you will, and not taking action. Note to self: I deserve my own throat punch.

Luckily I am in a position to do something about this. So I have a proposition for you.

I would like to create a clearinghouse, of sorts. Help me stop the war on our youth, our women, our men, and our society, by finding just one website that is a positive influence or does something to create and or promote self-esteem, confidence, personal peace, and/or equality, and emailing it to me or posting it in the comments section. If every person who reads this post and actually does this, and maybe...just maybe, passes it on to one friend, we could do a LOT of good!

And that is basically where the proposition ends. We do good, your name, if you choose, gets added to the clearinghouse. Wouldn't it be grand if we could build a site totally devoted to doing right by our children? Just leading people in the right direction.

What do you say? I know you want to join me. I don't care about your political affiliation, your religious or spiritual background, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your sex, your country of origin, or how many pets you have. I will even take a link if you like cats. In fact, the more positive reflections from different backgrounds, the better!

Let's see how many links we can collect by the end of May and turn this negativity into a positive force!

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