cackling proclaimations

6 years ago

Saturday, July 2, 2011

cackling proclaimations


Yet another incentive that keeps me engaged in the sometimes daunting process of getting Moxie to sleep in her crib is the Return of Snuggledom. Yes, we can cuddle without a baby between us, fancy that.

God, but I love it.

Okay, that's a wild, leaping understatement.

It's got to be right up there, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there, along with Donna Summer's Live and More, as one of the bestest things this world has to offer.

I'm not talking about booty. I'm just talking about nestling. Curling up. Hugging. Feeling your delicious partner-person's arms around you and listening to the steady thump-thump of his/her heart. Loving the smell.

That reminds me of an enthralling National Geographic article some time ago, on smell. Did you read it? It was about how we are attracted to the natural body smell (I refuse to say odor) of people that complete us, genetically speaking. Intriguing, huh. 

Back to Mikey. Well, after a few nights of this cuddling and feeling so goooooooooooooood about it that I'd  face a screaming baby for hours in order to get more (which is fortunate, because that's exactly what's happened), I went even further and proclaimed Date Night:

I hereby proclaim, by the power vested to me as Mama and Wife, and with my Mother living a few blocks away and eager to help out (thank you, thank you, thank you!) that Saturday Night (Friday, in a pinch) shall be Date Night. In which my thrillingly handsome mate-for-life and I shall spend at least 2 hours alone. Together. Without our children. 

And guess what? Last Saturday we did just that.

We hopped on our trusty steeds of steely bicycle-flesh and rode our merry way to the movies. Watched the entrancing Midnight in Paris. Held hands. Laughed and sneaked peaks at one another. Tried a new restaurant out (the un-enchanting Tu Tai 2). Simultaneously missed our kids with a fierce longing and had a blast without 'em.

Went home and was ready to nurse my howling Moxie. Evidently, she had missed me too.


...and speaking of breastfeeding, will not, *will not* get to the place where Moxie has names for 'em. Now here, at almost 14 months, I'm hit with the same blinding question that I had with Micah: how long? How long should I nurse her for?

Yes, it's clearly different with Moxie in that
1) every little bit that might help her developmentally, cognitively, is what I want to do
2) developmentally, cognitively, she's probably closer to 11 months than 14

I want - need? - to roll with Moxie more along the lines of how she is, developmentally, and mess less with her chronological age. Clearly, I"m looking at more nursing. How much, I'm not sure. But I am *really* trying to introduce all other forms of beverage consumption: bottle, sippy and straw cup.

For the most part, she likes them. All of them. She likes chewing on the sipping appendages (making me sigh in relief that they are not my nipples). She likes toying with them, much like a zealous cat with a hapless mouse. She likes tossing them overboard to watch me play fetch (looks me straight in the eye, drops it and cackles, 'ba! ba!" ).

And yes, cackles. Sometimes I think I have the only child in the whole world that literally cackles.

I went to the Berkeley Parents Network - where I usually turn for advice, all things non-Ds-related - and then after reading about how we should let our kids nurse for practically-ever, it struck me how dumb I was, looking at the Berkeley Parents Network, of all places, for advice on this. Berkeley - come on! The city where you can see kids exactly like the ones in the video (sans cool Brit accents) asking Mama for a boob hit - at a restaurant!

So, I stashed it. I guess it's going in that mixed-bag of parenting-knarl. Where I have to figure stuff out for myself, sigh.

At the very, very least: I have Date Night to look forward to. *smile*

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