Buying Into Poisoning Your Family Because it's Cheaper than Real Food?

4 years ago

Some argue that it’s cheaper to feed a family fast or factory farmed “foods” than nutrient rich, organically grown real food.   If you believe that, try saying it this way instead: “It’s easier to poison my family and make them sick than it is to find ways to keep them alive and healthy.”  How does that feel?

Now consider this: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

I know from experience and study, that healthy, nutritious food is essential for a healthy body and life.  No amount of medical treatment or insurance can ever heal the damage caused by the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other poisons found in nutrient-deficient factory farmed and/or genetically modified “foods.”

When small amounts of poisons are consumed daily and insufficient nutrients are present to support the millions of bio- and electrochemical processes taking place in the body every day, the brain and body both get exhausted.  The effort needed to stay in the routine of buying the unhealthy option at the grocery store seems much less than what would be required to solve the problem.  Mustering the will to make the way can be difficult. 

Enter the indomitable human spirit – the will that emerges from some unknown realm; that which we tap into when we have to save our children from a burning building or other such tragedy; that which becomes available to us when we don’t know HOW but we know that we MUST find a way.

Groups are cropping up everywhere to support folks who want to find affordable ways to eat healthy.  Search the internet for Community Supported Agriculture or Organic Gardening Support Groups in your area.  There are school and community projects growing food on vacant lots in cities and people turning their lawns into highly productive gardens.  If there isn’t one in your area, start one.  There’s one somewhere that you can communicate with and use as a model.

If you’re going to buy into a story, buy into one that says it’s possible instead of spreading the one that says it isn’t.  Be Healthy and Happy – because you CAN!

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