Removing the Bubble Wrap from Our Kids

6 years ago

As the end of the school year comes around the bend, I have watched with pride how far my little men have strided and grown learning from their own failures and successes. I watch in awe how spirited they have become -- I wonder is it time to unravel some of the bubble wrap that surrounds them? It was just this weekend my nine-year old taught me an important lesson knowing when it's time to let go of the reins.

Strawberries"Mom! Do we have any strawberries?"

"Yes! They are in the fridge. I'll get them for you in a minute."

"It's okay Mom! I got it!"

I hear him open the utensil drawer, shifting through it, and peaked my head around the corner.

"What are you looking for?"

"The cutting knife."

"I'll cut them for you."

"No mom! I can do it!"

Instinctively, I walked over getting the knife out of the drawer ready to begin slicing the strawberries for him. He put out his hand for the knife looking exasperated.

"Mom! I've done it before."


"When you were gone one afternoon and dad was downstairs working in the basement. I just did it. And I didn't cut my fingers. Just let me do it."

I handed over the knife and hovered over him watching intensely as he chopped up the strawberries.

"Be careful. Watch your fingers."

"I know Mom."

It was with that he carefully cut each strawberry,paying attention to every detail, ensuring his little fingers were safely away from the blade.

Once he was finished, "See I did it! You know I'm going to be in grade 4 next year. I can do this stuff."

It was with that small moment of hovering over my son, watching him grow to become more independent and responsible. I knew it was time to loosen the reins and give him a little bit more freedom. If I want him grow to become the confident young man he is meant to be, I can't always hover, and must slowly unravel just a little bit more of the bubble wrap that I have constricting him.

Do you think we give children less responsibility these days? How do you know when it's time to unravel the bubble wrap?

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