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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

~~Omar Khayyam

Life is all about moments and is best enjoyed if you can find yourself within one, and have the presence of mind to cherish it.

We have had beautiful weather here on Prince Edward Island. Balmy temperatures, warm Atlantic waters, and a welcome absence of jelly fish.

I am so grateful to have this time to enjoy the summer with my girls. For soon, the onslaught of grad school, grade one, and daycare will ensue.

On the hottest day this week, we took the girls to Stanhope (pronounced "Stanup"), a beach in the provincial park that spans a long portion of the North Shore of P.E.I. I love building sandcastles with the girls and this day was no exception. Except, we decided to bring Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land to life.

What the heck is Bing Bong and Moo Mah Land you ask? Some of you may remember the fact that I tell my kids a head story every night.

Yes... Every. Night.

These stories are always about Lala and Little Em and the exploits of the day and often include fairies or finding eggs with strange animals inside. For the most part, these stories are funny, except for that one time I made Lala cry.

About a week ago, I made up a story about a mysterious land the girls discovered called Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land (based on the nicknames my sister has given my monkeys). It is a land of little people, centered in the middle of Galiano Island, in the middle of a lake. There are various tunnels connecting Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land to areas the girls play, and they find that they are the guardians of this fair tiny land. Turns out, this isn't Lala and Little Em's first time around, and in another life, they were the queens of this land.

Also, they obviously need a fairy friend named Chantal to shrink them so they can visit when peril strikes the tiny people of Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land.

And, a "chapter" head story was born....

Every night since, the girls sit and wait with anticipation to find out what has befallen their wee comrades, and how they can save them. They have begun requesting "previews" in the morning to find out what the story will be about that evening.

So, when were at the beach the other day, obviously, we had to build Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land.

Building this imaginary land was so fun!

We discovered that there was a witches castle on the Moo Mah side which found it's way into the story that evening. Adding the castle brought a whole new level of richness and depth to the story and we also found Maxwell, their tiny friend Matilda's mischievous little brother.

We soon realized the tide was coming in. We decided to fortify Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land and see how long it could withstand the incoming tide.

The girls dragged large red rocks from the shore to build up the front and we built up the sand walls around all sides. We built Bing Bong & Moo Mah land on a sand bar, just like the island it inhabits, and the water was coming in from all sides.

Things looked good, for the time being...

The water soon begun to creep higher all around Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land. The calm surf pulled at the walls, but its integrity remained.

The water levels began to rise more and more, and despite our best efforts, Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land began to fill with water.

Little Em tried adding more rocks and sand. But it was no use. "WE'RE DOOMED!" The girls yelled as the water came up higher and higher.

We couldn't stand the destruction any longer and went out deep into the water past the shoals to cool our skin and wash off the red sand that covered us. When we returned, Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land was all but gone.

Soon, all that would be left is the red rocks from the flood wall, lining the bottom of the ocean in the spot where Bing Bong & Moo Mah Land once stood. Although this moment was fleeting, it was wonderful and gave us so much joy. Breathing life into the fantastic and having the presence of mind to realize the wonder of it all.

What did you do this week? What were your moments?

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